TDP launches state-wide protests against price rise

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TDP launches state-wide protests against price rise
TDP launches state-wide protests against price rise

Telugu Desam Party President N Chandrababu Naidu on Saturday launched a protest against the rising prices of essential commodities, especially the prices of vegetables across the state on Saturday.

Mr Naidu visited the Monda Market in Secunderabad and inquired about the prices of vegetables there from the traders and consumers, while TDP workers and leaders did the same by going to other markets across the state and launched their own protests.


The traders at the Market told Mr Naidu that they were powerless since they themselves were getting the vegetables and grains at a very high price. The traders also told Mr Naidu that the cost of transportation was so steep and the supply of vegetables so less that making the prices of essential commodities affordable was beyond their control.

The consumers at the Market told the TDP chief that their budgets were going awry each month and there was no saving, despite working day and night.

The former chief minister then rode a bicycle to the Indira Park to highlight the fact that petrol prices were beyond the reach of the common man. He later addressed a large gathering of his party workers.

Mr Naidu said that the Prime Minister and the Union Cabinet was responsible for the rising prices and demanded that Dr Manmohan Singh apologise to the Nation for his ‘inability to control the price rise’ and resign.

Accusing the Centre of being irresponsible and incompetent, Mr Naidu said that the Union Government was increasing the burden on the common man by refusing to cut taxes.

Mr Naidu demanded that the government bring down taxes to offset the price rise of petrol in international market and thus reduces the rates of petroleum products.

The former chief minister demanded that the year 2004 be taken as a cut-off point and prices of all essential commodities should be brought back to this level. The TDP chief vowed that his party would fight against the price rise till they are brought back to the cut-off dates.

The TDP chief said that the ‘back-breaking burden’ on the general public has reached its peak and the entire country was suffering due to the policies of the UPA government.

The former chief minister also said that the Government was taking advantage of the silence of the poor and the middle classes and raising prices of petrol twice a month.

Mr Naidu said that the people he spoke to told him that an entire family had to work at least 10 hours a day just to survive. The people also told him that they simply could not take a break to raise their voice against the government and stage protests, Mr Naidu claimed.

The former chief minister pointed out that the rise in prices of petrol has an escalating affect, with the prices of all essential commodities rising too. He cited the example of onions which had recently cost about Rs 4 a kg, but were now sold at about Rs 50 per kg.

The TDP chief also mentioned tomatoes, potatoes, chillies, tamarind and other essentials which have doubled or tripled since the UPA government took reins of power.

Mr Naidu further said that the mass corruption allegedly being indulged by the Congress was the real reason behind the price rise. He alleged that the Congress leaders were making money through every conceivable means.

Referring to the 2G spectrum scam, the Adarsh housing scam, the Commonwealth games scams, Mr Naidu demanded that the black money stashed in foreign banks be brought back and used for public welfare.

A skit, depicting the high cost of essential commodities was also played out at the Indira Park by the TDP workers. The skit saw a woman giving her ‘husband’ Rs 1000 to get essential commodities which he takes and spends on buying liquor from a belt shop. On his return ‘home’ he is asked why he did not get any food, to which he replies that the cheapest thing available is liquor.

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