TJ, BJP activists siege RR Collectorate, held

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TJ, BJP activists siege RR Collectorate, held
TJ, BJP activists siege RR Collectorate, held


Demanding the tabling of a Bill On Separate Telangana State in Parliament, the Telangana Jagruthi along with Bharatiya Janata Party activists on Monday laid siege to the Ranga Reddy Collectorate at Lakdikapul.


The protest was part of the Telangana Rashtra Samithi’s call to picket the various district Collectorates to press for its demand of a separate Telangana state.

Raising slogans against the Centre for delaying the introduction of Telangana Bill even after the submission of Justice B N Srikrishna Committee Report, the activists demanded that the Centre stands by to its commitment on the formation of a Telangana state.

Telangana Jagruthi president K Kavita urged the Congress High Command to make efforts to form separate Telangana state and respect the sentiments and aspirations of the people.

“We demand both the Centre and State governments’ to keep their promise and introduce the Telangana Bill in Parliament without any delay’’ said Kavita. She warned the Centre not to test patience of Telangana people.

“If the High Command fails to ensure justice is done to Telangana people, the separate statehood agitations will be intensified,” the TJ chief said. She also warned the government that it would be held responsible for any consequences which might arise because of the intensified agitations.

Kavita also demanded that the government withdraw the Central Paramilitary forces from Telangana region. She also said that the TJ was contemplating filing a Public Interest Litigation in Court to seek the withdrawal of the Forces.

Kavita added that the people of the region were neither outsiders nor enemies of the state, nor were they living on international borders that the government was deploying the Forces in Telangana.

The TJ chief said that her outfit has decided to lay siege all to the residence of all Congress MPs and MLAs in order to mount pressure on the High Command to present the Telangana Bill in the ensuing budget session of the parliament.

The BJP activists said that the options given by the Justice Sri Krishna Committee in its Report have hurt the sentiments of Telangana people since they do not provide clarity on the separate statehood demand.

When the protestors tried to enter Collectorate, the police took them into their custody and shifted them to Nampally police station.


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