KKR to revise farmers' package, experts concerned over political 'stability'

Sat 25th Dec 2010 07:39 AM
KKR to revise farmers' package, experts concerned over political 'stability'
KKR to revise farmers' package, experts concerned over political 'stability'

In Chittoor district on Saturday, a day after Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu's halt to his fast, Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar Reddy made up his mind to revise the 'package' after parleys with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

This announcement has had the effect of sending political analysts into a tizzy, with them wondering into the reasons behind the decision.


Uncertainty looms large in Andhra Pradesh with the N Kiran Kumar Reddy government being pushed into defence mode by the Congress legislators, they surmise.

Stability is the concern of all including the foreign investors.

Pundits and political experts are of the opinion that this month 'Dhanur Masam' as referred to in the Sastras, is not conducive to taking up new 'ventures'. This will drag on till Sankranthi which falls on January 14. Perhaps this is one of the factors in jagan's reckoning for the 'delay'.

Jawaharlal Nehru's heir Indira Gandhi, who ruled with an iron fist, also went wrong, bundling out all the National leaders into one single jail during emergency and so did Kiran Kumar Reddy uniting the Congress party rivals over the insufficient package announced to the distressed farmers.

The not so coherent opposition leaders overnight found a good 'cause' to forge a gainful alliance to give a tough fight to Congress party.

The High Command, since Nehru's rule had been enamoured of dictating 'terms' to its subjects no matter who he is. Ironically for obvious reasons the Congress is at the crossroads with less winning chances. And it can blame none.

The unabated egoism - the Congress' inheritance - still continued only to spell doom to the KKR dispensation, which obstinately refused to budge an inch to oblige the entire opposition over a revised farmers' aid which is dismal when compared to over Rs one lakh crore state budget.

His leadership just a day before saw issue of 55 government orders overnight for withdrawing cases against as many students. For issue of one GO quite some time is taken considering various aspects.

Informed sources were very categorical in stating that in the event of Mr YS Jaganmohan Reddy pulling the rug from under KKR's feet the High Command would prefer President's rule/ mid-term polls rather than allowing such an eventuality to take place.

At this juncture the ruling party could hardly afford such a move nor could the state could afford such an expenditure taking into account the soaring prices.

The Telangana issue is sure to take the centre stage and shake the Congress party. The Srikrishna Panel findings will be no more than the dictation of the high command.

Till 2014, the Congress government has three years to move heaven and earth to endear itself to the cause of farmers or BPL families or Minorities among others to envisage a better voting pattern.

A fact admitted even by YSR that the Tdp narrowly missed the bus in most of the constituencies courtesy PRP and partly TRS. Earlier, for the same reason the naive NTR confiding into the opposition worked out overtime to bring all the rivals of congress on a common platform which paid off profusely.

Today after breaking his fast, Naidu will as well be engrossed in it to repeat a feat of NTR, who was dead against Congress.