When can YS Jagan call the shots?

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When can YS Jagan call the shots?
When can YS Jagan call the shots?


The Sudden Spurt of catastrophe in the form of severe cyclone that hit the coastal Andhra with devastating effect not only rendered the poor farmers destitute and helpless but turned out to be a 'curse' to the ruling Congress which had been unable to retrieve the situation as their Legislators were in two minds - whether to continue in the party or sail with the Kadapa's rebel leader YS Jaganmohan Reddy.


That the N Kiran Kumar Reddy-captaincy still continued its rule is only because Mr Jaganmohan Reddy or YSJ as he is being called, still gave the former a 'remission' and further chose to wait for a suitable occasion to stage a coup. Meanwhile KKR and his managers have been hard put to retaining the fleeing Legislators, rank and file.

According to reports reaching here, most of those participated in YSJ's 'Lakshya Deeksha' in Krishna district were Congressmen, which testifies once again that there was and is no dearth of fence-sitters in the Congress party. It also sends clear signals that it was YSJ who could call the shots even now. When and where is up to him as he too keeping his cards close to his chest.

How far this will go on is just a matter of a conjecture at this stage, particularly in the light of the tabling of Justice BN Srikrishna Panel’s Report, which is due by December 31.

With a band of good aides, unlike his father, the Rayalaseema leader has been making very meticulous and measured steps ostensibly to avoid any erring move.

Undoubtedly there are scores of 'mugwumps' in Andhra Pradesh but they have their own limitations. Earlier stalwarts who defected or quit the party quietly returned to the party saying it is a 'home coming', which proved detrimental to the interests of their following.

YSJ mustered the support of 20 to 25 Congress Legislators plus couple of PRP and TDP MLAs and more were believed to have expressed willingness to join if the situation so demanded on a crucial occasion. YSJ more or less developed a strong base from where he can call the shots. Then why is it delayed.

There are parallel indications that the Congress is as well conversant with the AP situation and efforts were on to placate the dissatisfied MLAs. The Chief Minister has decided to allot a fixed time daily to the MLAs while naming Ministers as in-charge of each district. Another exercise to woo the MLAs and hold them in tact was to throw 'posts' of corporations, local bodies and district level positions.

But the local legislators have their own interest uppermost in their mind and problems as well. Switching sides will render them weak as their defection will erode their popular base. Their future is very much involved. None seeks to see their 'fate' is sealed.

At the same time, the immediate 'offer' from KKR government also may not cut much ice. Will the YSJ factor prove a 'return' to power in 2014 also with the aggressive and, after the hunger strike by its president N Chandrababu Naidu, resurgent TDP, Congress, PRP and TRS in the fray.

This is also a point coming up before all concerned. The confident Kadapa leader is believed to have another important issue that is not coming for debate today but the 'income tax' is after his blood.