Stormy Assembly session on cards

Thu 09th Dec 2010 06:22 AM
Stormy Assembly session on cards
Stormy Assembly session on cards

The winter session, though brief, scheduled to start from December 10, is likely to be quite stormy and uneasy for the ruling benches.

Indications are that the Opposition, particularly the Telangana Rashtra Samithi will utilise this occasion to press the government for an Adjournment Motion on Telangana issue. If not, that the students' arrest is most likely to take the centre stage. So far there have been no attempts to lift the cases against those students who had participated in the recent Telangana agitation.


Therefore this, coupled with an array of pending problems like SCs' categorisation, MSP for paddy among others, will bundle up to unite the opposition to seek a common platform to corner the Treasury benches.

Though the ruling party had received a stop gap breather with Mr YS Jaganmohan Reddy delaying the launch of his political party, still there is in store enough trouble for the Congress. Their own party leaders from Telangana are keen on raising the separate statehood issue.

The TRS is also most likely to raise another contentious issue - the 'Free Zone' issue on the Floor of the House to elicit a suitable reply from the government, which had allowed undue delay in getting the clause 14 f erased.

The main opposition Telugu Desam Party will miss no chance to take advantage of the volatile situation. While pressing with its demand for a separate Telangana, it will also direct its guns over Categorisation, paddy MSP, farmers' woes, and the 'instability' factor, which was like a thorn in the Congress flesh.

Of all, the Congress' change of guard can be attributed to be its main weakness, in its vulnerable armour. Of late, the TDP also started towing the line of TRS to press for tabling Telangana Bill in Parliament.

Though the BAC exercise is rather routine, the 6-day Session may drive the Congress leaders to the wall.

What strategy the dynamic Rayalaseema leader, who has the full backing of the High Command will fare is sure to hit headlines.

The BJP with two seats, CPI with 4, CPM and the Lok Satta Party with one each, are expected to raise their heads to be in the news. While the MIM with 7 MLAs may not spare its ally as well, the PRP's position is somewhat mercurial as it had already given a verbal support to the ruling party.

Still to keep its presence felt, it may at the most join the 'chorus' on the Floor.