Ponguleti seeks Babu's apology for 'sadist' remarks

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Ponguleti seeks  Babu's apology for 'sadist' remarks
Ponguleti seeks Babu's apology for 'sadist' remarks

All India Congress Committee secretary and MLC Ponguleti Sudhakar Reddy on Thursday demanded that Telugu Desam Party president N Chandrababu Naidu withdraw his remarks against Prime Minister Manmohan Singh immediately.

Talking to media persons at CLP Office, the MLC stated that Mr Naidu’s remarks are unwarranted, meaningless and not suitable for a Leader of the Opposition.


“Naidu, who served as chief minister for nine years, should know how to receive dignitaries and treating them” he said.

“It is not good trend to make remarks against visiting Prime Minister. By calling the Prime Minister a ‘Sadist’, Mr Naidu lost his dignity in the political field and degraded values in politics,” he stated.

Terming the comments as irresponsible, the MLC demanded Mr Naidu to withdraw the remarks immediately and issue a public apology.

“In the name of micro finance institutions, the Opposition leader is enacting a drama to get mileage on the issue politically and seeking sympathy from the victims,” he stated.

He alleged that the TDP leader had encouraged MFIs during his stint and is now blaming the Congress for the entire issue.

He also refuted the statements of TDP leaders linking MFIs issue with AICC general secretary Rahul Gandhi. He said Rahul Gandhi was in no way connected to the issue and never extended support to MFIs anywhere in the country.

Ponguleti seeks Babu's apology for 'sadist' remarks - CineJosh Updated on Thu 21st Oct 2010 09:06 AM IST
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