YS Jagan next CM???

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YS Jagan next CM???
YS Jagan next CM???

There are many voices raising over the CM post. Rosaiah who is acting Cheif Minister of AP, said that he is not in race. On the other hand, People from many places saying YS Jagan should become next Chief Minister of AP. Danam Nagender speaking to the media also said, YS Jagan should be the next CM of AP.

Already 122 MLA's signed supporting YS Jagan as our next CM of AP. The Cabinet decided to name the kadapa district after YSR name. There are also ready to ask the high command to make the YS Jagan as next CM.


Some other leaders and MLA's approaching Chiranjeevi of PRP to request his support to make YS Jagan next CM. Some people say, YS Jagan will have all the qualities of his dad YSR and state will be stable and good if only YS Jagan is CM.

 He only can continue to fulfill his dad dreams. Some seniors in Congress approves this on the media but others suspect that they may not support YS Jagan. Some officials already sent some information about this to Delhi to make YS Jagan as next CM. On TV's in Andhra Pradesh, there are some SMS polls running, and 90+% support YS Jagan as next CM.

Few ministers including Galla Aruna, Danam Nagender and Kanna Lakshmi Narayana proposed to make YS Jagan as CM.  D Sreenivas (DS) said, "Congress has many senior leaders"

He also said Highcommand will decide who will be our next CM. As everybody expects, DS opposes YS Jagan as CM????

Now YS Jagan has reached CM's camp office and stood by CM's body and receiving all the CM supporters.

Update at 10 pm:

Acccording to TV channels, more MLAs want YS Jagan as CM, but there are some MLAs not sure or doesn't like YS Jagan as CM. They are Vishnu Vardhan Reddy s/o PJR, Marri Sasidhar Reddy, Divakar Reddy and Jana Reddy?

Next leader will be elected in next week and Rosaiah expected to continue for 7 days as acting CM.

More news to follow...