Vandemataram is 'Telangana' Badmash

Mon 16th Aug 2010 08:20 AM
Vandemataram is 'Telangana' Badmash
Vandemataram is 'Telangana' Badmash

The Joint Action Committee of Osmania University on Monday announced its decision to boycott Telugu fim Badmash, directed by lyricist, music composer and playback singer Vandemataram Srinivas. Badmash stars Naga Sidharth, Ekta and Chandra Mohan among others.

The Jac members alleged that the lyrics of the film were aimed at humiliating the students from Telangana region. The Jac also criticised Vandemataram Srinivas as a traitor of Telangana sentiment.


However, when contacted by mediapersons, Vandemataram said his film has nothing to do with undermining Telangana movement or the people. The story, screenplay and picturisation were not aimed at ridiculing or disregarding the people, Srinivas asserted.

Srinivas was ready to amend or make changes if the Telangana leaders specifically identify the songs or situations which they thought could hurt Telangana sentiments, he added. 

'In case the leaders come forward to tell me where I went wrong or where the controversial song sequence or situation is hurting, I would talk to the film-makers to make the required alterations,' Vandemataram suggested.