Brave Karthikeya Posing with cheethah

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Macho Hero Kartikeya looks Brave posing with a Cheetah!!

Macho Hero Kartikeya - Cheetah!!
Macho Hero Kartikeya - Cheetah!!

Young & Talented Hero Kartikeya Gummakonda looks macho & fearless in his latest clicks posing with a Cheetah.

Proving his acting mettle in versatile roles & performances, this handsome hunk now has fans beyond language barriers.


Being Megastar Chiranjeevi fanboy since childhood, he often showed his love on the actor on various stages and occasions.

In this latest click, he's seen replicating Chiranjeevi's 90's Blockbuster 'Lankeswarudu' posing on a Baniyan and taming the Cheetah with his hand.

The Actor posted the pics on his handle writing...




Baniyan and hand on cheetah..

Dream from childhood watching #LANKESWARUDU on TV..

#cheetah #Megastar"

The fit actor known for his Herculean physique defining handsomeness in all levels has already won million hearts.

Getting ready to impress the audience again, the happening actor is busy shooting for his next 'Bedurulanka 2012' directed by Clax under Loukya Entertainments & even working with UV Creations in an exciting project directed by Prashanth Reddy.

Brave Karthikeya Posing with cheethah - CineJosh Updated on Thu 24th Nov 2022 10:25 AM IST
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