Swathimuthyam: Lakshman K Krishna interview

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Lakshman K Krishna on Swathimuthyam movie

Swathimuthyam: Lakshman K Krishna interview
Swathimuthyam: Lakshman K Krishna interview

Bellamkonda Ganesh,Varsha Bollamma's Swathimuthyam directed by Lakshman K Krishna is releasing on October 5,2022. Ahead of its release, director Lakshman K Krishna interacted with the scribes. Here is the snippets of his interview. 

How did your journey as a director begin?


I am from Pithapuram ,East Godavari district. Like all directors, I was interested in films since childhood. At that time, I used to write small dramas in school. I left engineering in the middle and came to Hyderabad because of my love for movies. Before coming to Hyderabad, I along with three or four people used to make short films as a team. When a friend in that team got a chance to become an assistant director under director Srikanth Addala, we all came here believing him.

I tried many places as an assistant director, but it didn't work out. I started making short films again. Made a short film called 'Last Wish' with a budget of less than Rs.3 thousand. After seeing that, we made a short film called 'Krishnamurthy Garintlo' with a budget of 30 lakhs. It was well received. Awarded as Best Director in SIIMA Short Film Awards.

Then they liked a story I told and Saima said they will produce a movie but it did not materialize. After that, a friend said he will produce it. But earlier we made an independent film called 'Sada Nee Premalo' with a budget of 12 lakhs as a trial. It was also well received. Meanwhile, with the lock down, the story of 'Swathimutyam' was written with the intention of writing a good family entertainer at that time.

Did you draw any inspiration for this film?

In small towns in Godavari districts, school teachers go early in the morning, relatives near the house come and cast satires on us. How they react and respond, the reactions of neighbors and emotions will be shown in this film.

What is the main plot of this movie?

The boy's name is Bala Murali Krishna. This film is the story of a young man who gets a government job as a junior engineer in a small town after completing engineering. When the job comes, they start looking for alliances at home to get married. We are going to show interestingly how many difficulties there are even in an ordinary marriage.

Did you approach Sithara after writing the story?

I wanted to make this family entertainer with new people. Just then Ganesh was listening to stories. At that time I met Ganesh through a mutual friend. But I did not tell this story to Ganesh at first. I thought that he  does action films just like his brother and told him other lines that I have.But Ganesh saw the trailer of 'Sada Mee Premo' that I had done and asked me to tell him any simple story. Then after telling this story, Ganesh liked it very much. After that they told their father Suresh and he liked it too. From there it happened to come to Sitara.

Why did you dare to give the classic title 'Swati Mutyam' to this film?

Don't call it adventure. Before telling the story to Radhakrishna Garu (China Babu), we thought of a different title. After listening to his entire story, he suggested that there are innocent characters in it. There is no villain in this. This is the story of some innocent characters in a town. That is why we gave this title with his suggestion. First, I was afraid of how the audience would receive this title. He was afraid that he would be compared to the role played by Kamal Haasan. But we moved ahead with the support given by Mr. Chinababu.

This is Ganesh's first film? Have you done any workshops?

This is the first film for both of us. He liked the story I told him, but he may have doubts about how well I can handle it. Also, I have doubts whether I can give him the expected outing. But I as a director and him as a hero have traveled a lot together and done many workshops. That's how we got confidence in each other. There was no problem on the sets.

Who selected Varsha Bollamma?

It was my decision to cast Varsha Bollamma. I fell in love with the movie '96' only when I saw her perform. I wanted to do the first film with this girl. While writing the script, I imagined her as the heroine. After Ganesh as the hero, Sitara's organization was thought of, we also thought of some other names. But at the same time Varsha's 'Middle Class Melodies' came out and the production house accepted her name as soon as it was suggested.

Have you seen the first copy of the movie?.. Are you satisfied?

I saw it.. It came very well. Until the first copy came, there was a small fear in the mind that the expected output would come or not. But happy after seeing the output. Special mention should be made about DOP Surya. First, when I wanted to do a love story film, he traveled with me. But it didn't work out. After this movie was okayed, when there was a discussion about DOP, Nagavanshi said that there is a person named Surya. Knowing that that Surya and this Surya are one and the same, he was taken immediately.

It will be released along with big movies like 'Godfather' and 'The Ghost'. Whose decision is this?

The release date is entirely the producer's decision. Since it is a family entertainer, they decided to release it on Dussehra with the intention that it would be good if it was released for the festival. But I am happy that it will be released along with Chiranjeevi and Nagarjuna's films.

Who is your favorite hero?

Chiranjeevi. I didn't get a chance to do a film with him, but my film will release on the day of his film release. I am happy that my film is releasing along with Chiranjeevi's film, which I have admired since childhood.

Tell us about the next movies?

I haven't thought about it. But instead of a family entertainer, this time there is an idea to make a comedy thriller or a serious drama.

Who inspires you as a director?

Mani Ratnam Garu, Vamsi Garu, Bapu Garu, Jandhyala Garu.