The Ghost: Sonal Chauhan's interview

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Sonal Chauhan on The Ghost movie

Sonal Chauhan on The Ghost movie
Sonal Chauhan on The Ghost movie

Nagarjuna's spy thriller The Ghost is releasing on October 5,2022. Sonal Chauhan is playing the female lead in the film and speaking to scribes, Sonal shared the secrets of The Ghost. 

How did you get into 'The Ghost' project?


I am fascinated by action films. Praveen Sattaru is the creative director. I felt very thrilled when this story was told. I am very excited to know that Nagarjuna is in this project. I feel lucky to be a part of this project.I am playing the role of an interpol officer. 

How did you prepare for your role as an Interpol officer?

I played a very challenging role physically and mentally. This is the first time in my career to do such a role. I trained specially for this role. I got MMA training along with action. But on the second day of training I fractured my toe. I thought it was a minor injury. When I went to the doctor, they told me to take an X-ray. I rested for a few days and started training again. I also took weapons training.

Is this the first time to hold a gun?

No. I am familiar with guns as my father is a police officer (laughs). But for this film, I took special training in handling, loading and handling big weapons like AK 47. The training went on for more than two months. I also paid special attention to dialogue diction. It is a film that gave me a lot of satisfaction as an actress. I enjoyed the shooting a lot.It was a great pleasure to work with a dream team. My role in this is really a dream role. I have worked very hard for this film. After watching the movie, I think you will believe that you can do diverse roles, not just glamorous roles.

How was working with Nagarjuna?

Working with Nagarjuna was a dream. That dream came true with this movie. I am a big fan of Nagarjuna. I felt a bit nervous when I met him. But after talking for ten minutes all my fear was gone. Nagarjuna is a very great person. Acting with him was an unforgettable experience. Nagarjuna is the King of Romance. We can see our chemistry in the speed song. But 'The Ghost' is an action thriller. I want to do a good romantic movie with Nagarjuna. (Laughs).

You are doing films with Prabhas, Nagarjuna, Venkatesh Do you thnk your time in Telugu has started?

I feel lucky to work with big stars consecutively. I mostly focus on character. It is nice to see films with good roles and big stars.

How was it working with director Praveen Sattar?

Praveen Sattar is a director with a very clear vision. He does his homework very neatly. There will be no confusion in the sets. Other actors' work will be easy. He is a very clear director.

How many action blocks will you be seen in this film?

I have two main action blocks in it. The Ghost is a complete action power packed entertainer.

How to take success and failures?

I don't have any film background. I come from a very traditional Rajput family. Apart from acting, it's great for us to get out of the house. I came into the industry when I knew nothing. I learned everything here. There are ups and downs in life. The industry itself has taught us how to take them.

Tell us about your future projects

Two films are under discussion. Details will be known soon.