“Debunked Fake News That Made Quite a Buzz”

Mon 27th Apr 2020 05:44 PM

Debunked Fake News That Made Quite a Buzz

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We live in a digital age. The advancement in technology has brought almost everyone globally access to the internet and tech devices that we can use to make our lives easier. This is an amazing feat as we have a massive amount of knowledge and information at our fingertips that we can use for good and self-improvement. Sadly, this is only one side of the coin.

This easy access for everyone also allows certain individuals to use and abuse the internet for their gain and may stain someone’s otherwise flawless reputation. Cases of fake news being spread around are nothing new, yet some have had quite a big impact and have swayed the opinions of many based on lies and nonsense. Here are some examples of news that turned out to be nothing but false information spread around for the gain of certain individuals.

The Truth Behind a Fake Casino News Article

A fake news article was circulating claiming that the CEO of the online Genesis Casino had been fired after he made a mistake that had cost it a multimillion rupee sum. Thanks to G2G catching casino news and sharing truth, it was brought to light that this article and a similar article for a different online casino before it, were indeed fake news. The website that wrote the articles had false information about what the casinos offered, and was using them as a way of promotion.


The full expose can be found on the G2G website and provides the public with the correct information on the casino, and even debunks all of the false information used in the fake articles one by one, from the non-existent CEO firing to the misinformation on promotions and bonuses.


Climate Activist Barraged by False Claims

Greta Thunberg was a breath of fresh air that gave a new spark to the environmental movement when she made rounds in 2019. The 16-year-old spoke before the United Nations with vigor, and even received the title “Person of the Year” by Time magazine at such a young age. Sadly, Greta’s appearance in the public eye was followed by a ton of hate on the internet with fake news stories and claims about her appearing online.

Some of these fake articles painted the activist as a “crisis actor” by the name of Estella Renee, others claimed she was a puppet planted by the Swedish government to act in their interest. These articles weren’t the only thing that plagued her, doctored images of Greta posing with an Islamic State militant, and others with billionaire George Soros were posted to tarnish her reputation even further. The claims were too widespread for the sources to be found but all of them were disproven.

Doctored Video of a Us Democratic Leader

As shocking as it may sound, a short video was all it took to cast a bad light on the speaker of the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi back in May of 2019. The video that was slowed down and used a modified audio pitch that had Pelosi seem like she was slurring her words and distorted her movements. After circling social media, the public was quite concerned and unsure of her competence. She did seem like she was drunk in the doctored footage after all.


Mainstream media later debunked the whole thing and revealed the original footage which showed Pelosi speaking in her regular tone where nothing seems off. The video that became huge mainly on Facebook may have been one of the events that inspired the social media giant to add the feature for people to flag false information. Like the rest of the world, the US is dealing with a lot right now, so spreading false information could just be adding fuel to the fire and making the situation worse.


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