Puri’s spicy aunty turns into Producer.

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Puri’s spicy aunty turns into Producer.
Puri’s spicy aunty turns into Producer.

Hot Kannada beauty Rakshitha is a known face in Tollywood. This hot girl of Puri Jagnnath has become popular with movies like Idiot, Shivamani, Andhrawala and few more. Even she acted in a special masla song with Chiranjeevi in ‘Andarivaadu.’

Later with debacle of her career, rakshitha moved all the way back to his native Kannada industry and got married to successful Director Prem and turned as an aunty by giving birth to a kid.

Rakshitha is now planning to get back into cinema field not as a heroine but as a Producer. Rakshitha will be producing a movie with Kannada top star Shivaraj Kumar in the lead directied by her husband Prem on their ‘Prem Pictures.’

Let us wish this Rakshitha aunty a big success as Producer. On the other side, Puri Jagannath must try once again to bring his spicy aunty back on to the screen.

Puri’s spicy aunty turns into Producer. - CineJosh Updated on Thu 21st Jan 2010 06:25 AM IST
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