Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review.

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Yuganiki Okkadu Movie Review.
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Behind the Movie Yuganiki Okkadu: Well known maverick director Sri Raghava has been appreciated by many for his bold attempt with ‘Yuganiki Okkadu’ which was in making from a long time. It has been hailed as a visual wonder and making standards in par with Hollywood. Hero of the movie Karthi, for the first time is appearing before Telugu audience with most sultry heroine Reemma Sen and the beautiful Andrea. Let us see, how do this ‘Yuganiki Okkadu’ fare?

In the Movie Yuganiki Okkadu: A well known archaeologist (Pathap Pothan) investigating on the last ruins of Chola Kingdom disappears after entering into an unknown kingdom away from Port Blair. To set the things right and unravel this great Chola kingdom, officer Anitha (Reemma Sen) appointed by Central Government along with Prathap Pothan’s daughter Dr. Lavanya (Andrea) and a team of Defense forces start their adventurous journey. To assist them are a gang of coolies headed by Sukumar (Karthi).

What was visualized as a simple, cheerful journey turns into a complex one and they land up in a virgin island near Vietnam. From here on they face continuous daunting tasks as mentioned in history. Chola’s before leaving their kingdom has created seven obstacles like War with aborigines, snakes, hunger & thirst, drama and few more. During their journey, one by one all their team is lost but Govt. supports them by landing new teams. At last when these three reach the mysterious last wing of Chola Kingdom, bang comes the interval. Second half turns out be a real roller coaster ride, and story unfolds with appearance of Chola king (Parthiban) and his people and officer Anitha is none other than Anitha Pandyan and Sukumar is a Chola meseenger.

As per the history, Cholas and Pandyas are rivals and fought battles for their ownership on Tanjavur. After passing of centuries, still their rivalry is the same and Chola king has to face the wrath of Anitha Pandayan. With killing of this Chola King and disappearance of his son with Choal Messenger Sukumar, the movie ends up with starting of new era as this escaped young Chola Yuvaraju starts his new journey.

Values of the Movie Yuganiki Okkadu:
Director Sri Raghva has picked a subject which is not only historical but also disturbing. He has done everything to please the audience but first half has gone disarray. His madness for the subject and his credibility as a director is visible in many frames, but viewers turn out mad only with in few minutes of the movie. Richness in the movie and technical extravaganza is not enough to make the audience sit. Tamil flavor in the movie remained intact and dialogues are not impressive. Camera work by Ramji is extraordinary as movie runs most in night shots. Music by Prakash GV has ample scope to elevate the movie. Editing by Kola Bhaskar has gone wrong in this misinterpreted story. Production values of Ravindran and Dream valley are magnificient. Technically movie is a visual feast.

Performance wise, Remma Sen ranks first followed by Karthi next. Reemma Sen looked hot, bold, and brave and her real talent is revealed in this movie. Karthi has done his part well. Andrea almost looses her importance in second half of the movie and she is hot. Parthiban as king of the exiled line of Chola kingdom has done great. Remaining crew doesn’t have much to perform.                      

Out of the Movie Yuganiki Okkadu:
Creating of centuries ago Chola and Pandya backdrop is itself a challenge. Sri Raghava gets all the applause, but such kind of stories demand good historical knowledge of patrons. Especially when it comes to Telugu audience, who knows about Cholas, Pandyas and their bloody rivalry? To make your head pain further more, Sri Raghava brings the disturbing songs which are out of context. Long pauses in the movie make you to yawn freely and turn your eyes to your fellow viewer sitting besides. Costly settings, rich costumes may spark your eyes now and then but strictly speaking being not a Telugu backdrop, I judge that not even 1% of viewers understand the movie correctly. Regardless of cost, concept, technical brilliance, visual grandeur ‘Yugaaniki Okkadu’ is the real movie which comes only once in a Yugam which makes you hang over.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Yuganiki Okkadu: Distrubing subject that may not be worth watching for Telugu audience.

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