Young India Movie Review

Young India Movie Review
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Director: Dasari Narayana Rao
Producer: K Ramakrishna Prasad
Release Date: Sat 15th May 2010
Actors: Dasari
Young India Rating: 1.5 / 5
Young India Punchline: India is growing Younger while Dasari is still get

Behind the Movie Young India: A vast experience in cinema field with 148 films to his credit from writing dialogues to penning new stories to cooking new scripts to directing to producing to composing songs to writing lyrics to composing dance moments...uff…what not Dasari Narayana Rao is a proved personality in each and every department of movie making. ‘Young India’ is his 149th film which is made with 81 new artists…again a daring venture from Dasari. Let us see, how young is his ‘Young India’?  

In the Movie Young India: Abhi (Pradyumna), a software engineer is victim of Mutyam Software Company (like Satyam), before going for a suicide decides to spend three days with his old friends Venky, Razzaq (Aravind Krishna) and Rai who are in Vizag. When Abhi gets ready for suicide, his three other friends have already committed suicides for their own problems and are struggling for lives. With help of Keerthi (Sowmya), Abhi saves them and each of them share their problems with Keerthi’s father Superintendent of Police Rangayya Naidu (Dasari) who preaches them not to loose their lives without any purpose and injects positive attitude to fight against injustice before giving up their lives.

These three along with Keerthi and four other friends start ‘Young India’ Movement to help delivering speedy justice and fight against injustice. Obviously this leads to direct fight with anti social elements in the society and they are Pakistani Terrorist Naseer, Home Minister who is in a scrupulous bullet proof jacket scam, an ex MP and a corporate doctor who are involved with Arogya Matha scam (like Arogya Sri) and bus transport scam.

How did ‘Young India’ team with support of Rangayya Naidu fought for justice and how many lost their lives in battle form rest of the story.

Values of the Movie Young India: Dasari’s story, screenplay, direction and dialogues; everything was again the old fashioned ones. Although story penned was to offer a message to youth, the youth josh required in narration part was missing. Here and there, one may find some meaningful dialogues of Dasari tinge but went unrecognized. Direction wise, Dasari has brought the final and best possible output from new artists which haven’t helped any way in the run of movie. Too many sub stories, too many characters, too many endings…everything is too much in this ‘Young India.’ Music by Keeravani is saving grace which has well remixed ‘Vandanam Abhivandanam’ song and a good re-recording to offer a bit of life to dull characterizations. Cinematography by Ramana Raju took a bit of modern touch during the suicide scene at Vizag beach. Editing by Goutham Raju can’t be anything better than this. Production values of Siri Media and K Ramakrishna Prasad are poor.

Performance wise new artists looked comfortable before camera to some extent while Dasari took his heroic part with Tamil accent delivering lengthy dialogues and handling lengthy scenes in his natural style throwing satires here and there on present politicians and political system. Brahmanandam along with Nalla Venu took their share to supply some laughs and were just okay. Remaining artists were pulled from small screen daily serials and they too delivered their best.

Out of the Movie Young India: Dasari Narayana Rao is the major force behind this project. With an amateur star cast, he pulled out the entire movie with an intention to offer a message for youth. He took the roots for story from contemporary issues like:
1.    Suicides among youth
2.    Arogya Sri scam
3.    Satyam scam
4.    Private buses running with same bus numbers
5.    MLC seats to MLA and their relatives
6.    Pakistani terrorists entering Indian cities and few more

Points like passing a strong message to youth not to attempt for suicides and inculcating positive approach towards life was indeed a noble idea and Dasari was at least successful in offering it to his best possible. But his core message ended with interval bang and second half it was entirely a different run for erasing the corrupt politicians and a need to change it. Nothing wrong with Dasari, he was still following his 1980 formula of treatment but audiences sitting in theatres were in 2010. With a Herculean task of handling 81 new artists in the hand, it would be a sin to expect more and with available resources Dasari tried his best which was a bit satisfactory till first half. Second half is a minus where cinematic liberties like Home Minister attempting to kill Chief Minister, Dasari appointing as DGP and three heroes turning up as commandos for saving CM were indigestible. All in all, it was typical dose of Dasari on contemporary issues. Go with a blank mind or with negative expectations…you might feel at least comfortable.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Young India: India is growing Younger while Dasari is still getting Older (in his treatment).

                                                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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