Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu Review

Yeto Vellipoyindi Manasu Review
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Behind the Movie YVM: Director Gautham Vasudev Menon is a brand for natural romantic concepts. His last hit 'Ye Maya Chesave' has built the hype around 'YVM' and thus the wait ends today. Samanta and Nani are the leads in this flick which has music composed by Ilayaraja.

In the Movie YVM: Movie begins with Varun Krishna (Nani) joining the Degree College to see his childhood love Nithya Yelavarthy (Samanta) in the same campus. When they meet together, flashback rolls on how and when freindship in their school age turned to infatuation and love by the time of Intermediate. Then comes breakup on a silly issue of egos. As they are now in Degree, another stage of love patches up. While everything tends to go smooth, differences in financial statuses of Varun and Nithya families bring one more gap. 

Now, Varun goes up to settle in life by cracking the CAT to get admitted in IIM, Kozhikode...Nithya goes towards the side of charity and service by grooming the children in tsunami hit area of Tamil Nadu by becoming a teacher. It takes four long years for them to face each other. Again it is a matter of egos which leads to Varun getting engaged to his Maradalu. How and when did Varun and Nithya relaize that their love is much more matured now? How did story end with a happy climax is the rest.

Values of the Movie YVM: Except Romance and gorgeous look of Samanta, there are nothing more bigger assets for this flick. Story of Reshma Ghatala is inspired from the real life love stories which we see around us. However screenplay was so sluggish making narration quite slow moving. Dialogues were situationally strong and few sensitive comedy punches worked well. Music by Ilayaraja was soothing and the song of 'Yedi Yedi Kuduredi' was fanatstically picturized. Cinematography of MS Raju was some how weak in standards and Anthony's editing was also uninterseting. Production values of Teja Cinema and Venkat Sundaram, Gautham Menon etc were also just average.

Performance wise, this is the show of first Samanta and then Nani. The way three ages and stages of life are portaryed, Samanta changed her body language and look so naturally. She was amazing as school student followed by hot in college age and as a social worker in Tamil Nadu, she has well managed. Nani too did his part well and he was at ease in showcasing minute of the expressions. Krishnudu as Prakash and one more lady who is in Sam's friends gang has also done well. Family members of Nani and Samanta too were characterisitc.

Out of the Movie YVM: Audience generally expect fresh flavor and an aroma of natural romance from Gautham Menon's films. Unlike 'Ye Maya Chesave,' this time 'YVM' could not generate the same authentic feel of romance. Lengthy scenes, long camera angles, too much of drama annoyed the viewers. Surely Gautham has worked on smallest of the mannerisms in his two crucial characters but he miserably missed maintaining the needed tempo in narrattion. Right from the beginning, story moves at dead pace with thin content.

Chemistry between Sam and Nani was genuine as they lived into characters well exhibiting the expressions in happy patch ups and tragic break ups. Problem lies even with story part because there are shades of 'YMC' peeping here and there to kill our excitement. Climax was pretty weak and that is not we anticipate from a creative genius Gautham Menon.    

Overall, movie might go well with a section of public who have enough of patience to enjoy slow romantic concepts. Definitely, 'YVM' is a low rated film than 'YMC' in all the aspects.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie YMV: Dead Sssssssssllllllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwww.

                                                                                            Reviewed by Srivaas


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