Ye Maya Chesave Movie Review.

Ye Maya Chesave Movie Review.
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Behind the Movie Ye Maya Chesave: Naga Chaitanya, the handsome hero of this young generation combined with awesome looking Samantha have already been declared a super hit pair after watching the early pics of ‘Ye Maya Chesave.’ With a talented director like Gautham Vasudev Menon to lead from the front along with Academy award winner AR Rahman’s name sparkling on the posters…what else more is required to pull us towards the theatres?

In the Movie Ye Maya Chesave: Karthik (Naga Chaitanya) is go lucky dude and a fresh Engineering graduate whose dream is to become a studio film maker that is simply a director. With caring mother and father (Surekha Vani and Sanjay Swarup), Karthik’s life goes on interesting with is hero friend Krishnudu (Krishnudu). Fortunately Karthik’s life becomes much more interesting and colorful when he falls instantly in love with Jessi (Samantha), daughter of their Christian house owner Joseph (Devan), a Malayali. Jessi who is two years elder to Karthik and coming from a different religious background hesitates to respond for the crazy love of Karthik.

The hidden fear behind Jessi’s hesitation is that, she is already in love with Karthik at the first look but was worried about both their families. Karthik expresses his love, Jessi leaves on a vacation to Kerala but Karthik follows her. They become friends and then realize that they are actually in love. Mean while Jessi’s marriage is arranged with a Mallu but she cleverly escapes. Crossing all the social barriers, they decide to live together but even need their family support. Soon, Karthik becomes the assistant for Puri Jagannath and a busy life follows. He leaves to Goa for a shoot and things take a U turn.

When Karthik comes back, he observes a different Jessi who disappears overnight rejecting the love. Fast forward three years, Karthik is in USA directing the first movie named ‘Jessi’ and that too his self love story. Here he finds his lost first love again, the same Jessi who is still unmarried and just living with past memories of Karthik. What happened later? Did they marry? What happened about Karthik’s movie ‘Jessi’? form the interesting climax.            

Values of the Movie Ye Maya Chesave: Looking from the story aspect, it is wafer thin and you can’t ask anything thinner and lighter than this. Treatment wise, Gautham Vasudev Menon has made the movie look like a sweet poetry flowing from his heart directly in to your heart through this visual medium. Spellbound may be the only word to describe this classic director. Superb cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa mixed with a clever and genuine editing from Anthony give movie a tender touch. Dialogues by Anuradha are straight, simple, clear and striking.

What more, I may need to write at least ten more pages to praise this legendary music director AR Rahman. Who said that, he is neglecting our South cinema after becoming busy with National and International projects? He has blown so much of freshness into the movie that you find it hard to leave the theatre, even after WATCHING his music for nearly two and half hours. Production values of Indira Productions and Sanjay Swarup were no doubt classy. Costumes, stills, art work…ask me about any department and it passes in distinction. Thanks to this unique team of Gautham Vasudev Menon and their unique feat for providing a pleasure full delight.

Performance wise Naga Chaitanya has improved a lot. His body language now resembles more like a perfect combo of Venkatesh and Nagarjuna. He was at ease with cute expressions, but he may need to work on sentimental and emotional excellence. Even more than Naga Chaitanya my vote is for Samantha. What a beauty is she? Her innocent looks mixed with clever features will take you on a roller coaster ride. Strictly, you may fall in love with Samantha more than Naga Chaitanya. She is here to make a merry in Tollywood. Krishnudu has done a good job providing the comic touch. Surekhavani, Sanjay Swarup, Deva are even at their best in short roles. Specailly the appearances of Simbu, Trisha in climax and frequent lip kisses have become inseparable parts of the movie, enjoyed to the most by audience.

Out of the Movie Ye Maya Chesave: It is easy to expect the outcome from these kinds of movies. Feel the movie from your heart, get deeply involved into the movie (of course Gautham will do that unforcibly) and your brain easily stops thinking as it was earlier. It becomes a wonderful artist which is enjoying the master piece sketched by this unimaginable artist Gautham Vasudev Menon. ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ is more of a journey on Aleppey backwaters, just you and your first love sitting together. This movie is an expression of pure love. Remember first loves are really pure and more innocent.

Director Gautham clears your doubts on first love by an anticipated climax, but the time span of three years he has chosen between the lead pair rejoicing is the genuine content. Trust me, real love grows stronger with time, either your partner is behind you are not. ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ is strongly meant for those viewers who enjoy the movies with heart but not with wits.

Cinejosh verdict of the Movie Ye Maya Chesave(#): An awesome entertainer which spreads the magic of love all around you and iam sure it reminds your first love.

#Verdict strictly valid for class audience.

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