WWW Movie Review

WWW Movie Review
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Director: Guhan
Producer: Dr. Ravi Prasad Raju Datla
Release Date: Fri 24th Dec 2021
Actors: Arun Adith, Shivani Rajasekhar
WWW Movie Movie Rating: 1.5/ / 5
Punchline: WWW Movie - Misses the wow factor.

What's Behind

Shivani Rajasekhar, daughter of Angry Star Rajasekhar is attracting movie lovers with her films on OTTs. Her upcoming film WWW directed by Guhan is releasing on Sony LIV. Let us see what got in store for the viewers.

Story Review

Vishwa (Arun Adith), Ashraf (Priyadarshi), Christy (Divya),Sadanandam (Satyam Rajesh) works as a team for a company from various locations like Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru in a virtual manner. Vishwa gets bowled by Christry's new friend Mitra (Shivani), who stays in her room and works as an artist. Love blossoms between Vishwa and Mitra and when both plan to meet each other, PM Modi implements total lockdown across the country. Vishwa and Mitra continues their romance virtually and in the midst of all this, they get a huge shock. To find out more about the shock and how it impacted their lives and how Seenu (Viva Harsha), Cyber Cell Head Khan (Riyaz Khan), Sandeep (Sandeep Bharadwaj) is connected to it, watch WWW.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Guhan is known for his thrillers and after impressing with a thriller 118, he decided to come with another thriller titled WWW (Who,Where and Why). The title generated interest and Guhan starts in an interesting manner with all the friends trying to work on an app and it getting crashed due to the hackers attack. He interwove the love story between Arun Adith and Shivani in a beautiful manner. The first half, though slow and after the initial start in an interesting manner turned out to be routine, it ended on an interesting note with a good interval scene setting the stage for the second half.

However, Guhan lost the plot in the second half with the introduction of an antagonist. Though his intention is good and he tried to show Arun Adith in a negative way, he failed to give a convincing reason. Everything turned routine and with a lack of emotional connection and real twists and turns, things turned from bad to worse. The slow pace impacted the film in a big way. Guhan though came with a good idea, failed in his execution as his story, screenplay, and direction turned out to be weak. Gunasekhar failed to highlight the real motive behind the actions of Arun Adith and this unconvincing narration and lack of conviction affected the film's result.

Arun Adith attracted as a youngster in love but while showing emotions at the crucial juncture, he went overboard and overacted. He ended up loud without any reason. Shivani Rajasekhar got a very limited role to showcase her talent. She just tried to attract in traditional dresses and she is seen showing her emotions when in trouble and nothing else. The lack of chemistry between the lead pair also impacted the film completely. Viva Harsha tried to evoke a few laughs but failed in his mission. Others like Priyadashi, Satyam Rajesh are wasted. Riyaz Khan and Sandeep Bharadwaj are ok in their roles.

The cinematography of Guhan is ok. With the entire film shot in two rooms, he did not get much work to do. As the film is shown being shot in the lockdown, there is nothing much for the technical crew to do much. BGM of Simon K King is ok. The editing of Tammi Raju could have been far better as there are many drags in the film and many unnecessary scenes. Production values are ok.



Interesting plot





Lack of emotional connect

Rating Analysis

Guhan tried to generate interest with the film title WWW and the trailers increased the hype. He tried to surprise viewers with subtle twists and turns. But after an interesting start and a decent first half, things went awry as he failed to connect chords failing to justify the actions of the hero. Weak story, screenplay, and direction spoiled everything. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 1.5 rating for WWW.

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