Writer Padmabhushan Review

Writer Padmabhushan Review
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Director: Shanmukha Prasanth
Producer: Anurag Reddy, Sharath Chandra and Chandru Manohara
Release Date: Fri 03rd Feb 2023
Actors: Suhas, Tina Shilparaj, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rohini and others
Writer Padmabhushan Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
Punchline: Writer Padmabhushan - Well Written.!

Writer Padmabhushan : What's Behind

Suhas who has become popular with video made by Chai Bisket turned into a lead actor with Color Photo. Suhas with his natural acting abilities earned recognition among the audience. Anurag and Sharat of Chai Bisket Films Produced Writer Padmabhushan with Suhas in the lead role while Shanmukha Prashanth written and directed the film. The makers organized special premiers in several cities and succeded in bringing a positive vibe for the film. ZEE 5 is the streaming partner for OTT release. The film release date is 3Rd February, 2023.

Writer Padmabhushan : Story Review 

Padmabushan (Suhas) who works as a librarian is a wannabe writer. He even publishes his own book 'Tholi Adugu' but no one reads it and he didn't get any recognition. But, still he dreams of becoming a big writer and promotes his book in whatever way possible. To his surprise, everyone starts recognising him for a book 'Idi Evari Katha' with his photo and name as it's writer. But, he didn't write it. The sudden name, fame and marriage proposal from the girl's family he loves all became true because of that book he hasn't written. Padmabhushan owns that book and starts acting that he has written it. But, the real struggle starts when his fiance's father and everyone asks him to write and publish a new book before his engagement. This leads to the search of original writer by Padmabhushan and his friend Soumitri. Who is the original writer ? Why did the original writer use Padmabhushan's name ? What happens in the climax ? forms the full story

Writer Padmabhushan : Artists Review 

Sushas in the titular role who dreams to be a big writer but lacks confidence has emoted well. He showcases his innocence, confusion and genuineness impressively. His boy next door looks added more genuinity to the role. 

Tina Shilpa Raj as Sarika played love interest who is also his maradalu (Sister in law) in the film. She is just okay and did average performance wise too. Wonder why makers casted her for such a role which has importance in the film. The other key role played by Gouri Priya as Kanna. She looks good and did okay on her part.

Rohini Molleti once again steals the show with her matured performance in the mother role and in some scenes during second half she emoted so naturally. Ashish Vidyarthi is refreshing in a father role. His casting choice is good decision and he brings freshness to father's role. 

Writer Padmabhushan : Technicians Review

Shanmukha Prashanth who has written and directed the film has taken a relatable point as the main theme and woven the story of Writer Padmabhushan around it. The story started in the view of a budding writer in a lighter vein laced with humor. But, takes an interesting turn towards the interval. The ambitions of a young writer and family drama takes a backseat and tried to entertain with newly found twist. This continues even in the second half. 

This is where the problem lies. We don't know what actually Writer Padmabhushan wanted to be, drama of an ambitious writer, transformation of an innocent young man into selfish for fame or some sort of puzzle solving to find out about the real writer. At this moment of confusion during the second half, the director opens the actual point he wanted to convey through the film. But, it was too late by that time. Due to lack of proper establishment of family drama and scenes about main point we find it hard to relate and connect with the theme during the climax. 

Music by Sekhar Chandra is just okay. Background score is good in parts enhancing the emotions. Editing by Kodati Pavan Kalyan needs to be sharp. Most of the film feels slow in pace. Production values by Chai Bisket and Lahari films are very normal and there is nothing special to speak about the quality. 

Writer Padmabhushan : Advantages 

  • Novel Plot
  • Relatable Core Point
  • Humor At Parts

Writer Padmabhushan : Disadvantages 

  • Sluggish Narration
  • Takes Too Much Time To Reveal Main Point
  • Subpar Production Values

Writer Padmabhushan : Rating Analysis 

Writer Padmabhushan has novel plot of a struggling writer with good core point to convey and a lot of scope to explore emotions. But, it takes too long to reach to the core point and the conflict is not well established. Thus, the scenes failed to create desired impact. It has its moments laced with organic humor. But, that's all. Considering all the aspects CineJosh goes with a 2.5 rating for Writer Padmabhushan.

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