World Famous Lover Review

World Famous Lover Review
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Director: Kranthi Madhav
Producer: KA Vallabha
Release Date: Fri 14th Feb 2020
Actors: Vijay Deverakonda
World Famous Lover Rating: 2 / 5
World Famous Lover Punchline: Pathetic Love Story

World Famous Lover Review, What’s Behind?

Both Vijay Deverakonda and Kranthi Madhav have been going through lean phase with their last respective films turned out to be flops. KS Rama Rao who once made mega blockbusters also needs a success. Will this film provide the break for all three?

World Famous Lover Story Review:

Aspiring writer Gautham (Vijay Deverakonda) finds inspiration to write a book, after his breakup with Yamini (Raashi Khanna) with whom he was in live-in relationship. He writes two different stories for his book. In one story, he is Seenayya who is exasperated im his married life with Suvarana (Aishwarya Rajesh) and is flirting boss Smitha (Catherine Tresa). In another story, he is working in a radio station in Paris and woos pilot Iza (Izabelle Leite). Crux of the story is what’s the end given to all the stories and his personal love story?

World Famous Lover Artists, Technicians Review:

A writer needs strong inspiration to write books or stories. And most believe that, failure in love brings best out of writer. Kranthi Madhav too believed the same. Basic plot reminds us of Rockstar and the Gautham character has shades of Arjun Reddy. While there’s nothing to cheer in the Paris love story, the Yellandu episode is the only one where we get a respite. Even here, after initial amusement with realistic approach in Seenayya and Suvarna’s characterizations, the repetitiveness in narration brought immense boredom. More importantly, the pain that Gautham is going through doesn’t bring best out of him. There is a dialogue where Vijay says ‘The soul is missing in my stories’. Of course, he was absolutely right. The soul is missed in two stores in the ‘World Famous Lover’ book, thanks to Kratthi Madhav. The conclusion to Yellendu episode was convincing but the end to Paris episode doesn’t impress. That is definitely not Vijay’s type. Kranthi Madhav failed as director as well. The sensibility that is needed for the main story and the Paris episode was missing completely. Dialogues were also very ordinary.

Jaya Krishna Gummadi’s cinematography is the only saving grace. He tried best to breather a life to the blur vision of Kranthi Madhav. One of the most celebrated music composers of this era, Gopi Sundar too came up with mediocre work. This film needed fascinating music and the album is not so. Gopi Sundar disappoints with substandard background score also. Editor Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao was clueless as there’s incompleteness in many places. Production Values of Creative Commercials like their earlier films are top-notch. Especially, there’s grandness in every frame in Paris episode.

Onto artists, Vijay Deverakonda started from where he left in Arjun Reddy. Gautham character is replica of Arjun Reddy. However, he’s impressive in the role of Seenayya. Then, there’s no freshness in his characterization in Paris episode. Aishwarya Rajesh among the four heroines wins the brownie points for substantial portrayal of Suvarna. Raashi Khanna played her part efficiently weeping from start till end bringing pathos to narrative. Catherine Tresa is regular and we have seen her in similar roles earlier. Izabelle Leite looked pretty and is okay as Gautham’s Paris girlfriend. Jayapakash was regular as Raashi’s father. Priyadarshi didn’t get any space or scope. Others were okay.

World Famous Lover Review Advantages:

Yellandu Episode

Production Values

World Famous Lover Review Drawbacks:




Lack Of Entertaining Elements


World Famous Lover Review, Rating Analysis:

Going itself by the title, director Kranthi Madhav suggests that his film will be filled with a world of love. What he forgot is, pain alone cant define love and there's more to it. Like every director has his own forte of sensibilities, Kranthi seems to have developed his love more for painful narrative and less for the beauty that one enjoys of being in the state of love. Right from the word go, audience are thrown to unpleasant storytelling process filled with tears, tears and more tears. How come Kranthi thought of using bubbly, cheerful girl like Rashi Khanna restricted to tear-jerking scenes, this is too unfair.

Starting off with Gautham aka Vijay's trademark beardy entry thrown into prison, flashback and titles roll boldly with Vijay and Yamini aka Rashi Khanna having sex on bed. The way, their mechanical relation is established is more than enough for Rashi to hate Vijay all throughout. The atypical writer attitude in Gautham unable to find any strong inspiration to pen a story isn't the regular ball game for either Kranthi or Vijay or even we Telugu audience. In fact, this is the core point where core conflict goes wrong in direction to pave way for much talked about Yellandu Coal Mine track. Vijay though looked artificial in Telangana accent, Aishwarya Rajesh is the show stealer here with innocent acting as middle class home maker. Climax for Seenayya, Suvarna is the best part of whole film while Catherine Tresa is a good fit for brief role. The girl who dubbed for Aishwarya did a superb job like that of Fidaa. Fun portion in Yellandu episode is also entertaining. Back to present, Gautham goes again to past and an unwanted accident puts interval block.

Second half is Vijay's next imagination to pen one more love story, if he was in Paris as Radio Jackie and romance between not the regular Desi Gautham and lady pilot Iza aka Izabelle. One more sacrificial element of donating Vijay's eyes for Iza didn't generate any sympathy. Nevertheless, WFL loses all its sheen in snail paced narrative with weak predictable screenplay. On the other line, too and fro moves   into narrative keeps audience confused with nothing happening anywhere. The real tediousness creeps in with Vijay's psychic behavior, an uncalled for chase and so much of scrap leading to Vijay sentenced for imprisonment. Why Rashi Khanna did not realize a fact that Gautham is now a well functioning writer till climax is a question alone Kranthi can answer. Unfinished World Famous Lover book sold upto 5 Million copies is the platform total climax pivots on. With not so effective speech from Vijay ends WFL on a happy cinematic note as Rashi returns to her love.

In total, WFL is a slow, boring and lengthy journey of writer Gautham into Seenayya in Yellandu and Gautham in Paris characters to win his love for wife Yamini i.e Rashi Khanna. Devoid of Vijay trademark entertainment, WFL stood on shoulders of Vijay's performance and Aishwarya Rajesh characters else this is easily avoidable film. So, CJ goes with 2 stars and BO wise, sparks last only for one show, a big dent to Vijay's image.


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