Wanted Movie Review

Wanted Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Wanted: Gopichand, the roaring action star struggling for a break; debutant director BVS Ravi offering his first shot; most happening babe Deeksha Seth; these three names are the major crowd pulling factors for ‘Wanted’ which arrived today in theatres. Let us see, what did they really want?

In the Movie Wanted: Ram Babu (Gopichand) is the only son of cute couple Ram Babu & Janaki (Chandramohan & Jayasudha), who have earned so much for their son to lead a happy life without doing any work. In simple, Ram Babu is a tapori with no work other than roaming on roads with his batch. All of the sudden he meets Nandini (Deeksh Seth), a House Surgeon who saves the life of Janaki when she had a severe heart attack. From the very next moment, Ram Babu falls in love with Nandini to chase her everywhere and make her accept his love but she never reciprocates. Frustrated Ram Babu beats up the goons for teasing Nanidni and asks her what else he can do, in order to win her love. Nandini shocks Ram Babu by asking him to kill local drug don Basava Reddy (Prakash Raj) and his family members to win her hand. No logics, Ram Babu sets on the action scenes but flash back of Nandini is revealed by Commissioner (Ahuthi Prasad).

Here it goes, Nandini is daughter of an undercover cop Raghunath (Naazar) and her entire family is killed in the hands of Basava Reddy. So, she is on a revenge taking process using Ram Babu as her weapon. How did Ram Babu finish the task of Nandini? How did Nandini develop a bond of love in this process? form rest of the story.             

Values of the Movie Wanted: Debutant BVS Ravi has opted for a clichéd story line and age old narration. Content in the movie was very weak which isn’t supported by screenplay or dialogues or direction. Dialogues were utterly routine and somewhere went out of the sync from main story. Screenplay has many loose ends and Director seems to have compromised on everything including the pale narration. Cinematography by Rasool Ellore wasn’t really up to his standards except in one or two melody songs, which is his actual cup of tea. Editing by Shankar was also spineless. Music by Chakri was better work for one song and sincerely background degraded the movie still further. It was only production values of Bhavya Creations, a better scorer among all.

Performance wise Gopichand was no different from his earlier movies. He was at his conventional comedy timing and action timing. He should stop doing these methodological movies which just revolve around only action. Heroine Deeksha Seth is tall and beautiful but an expressionless face doesn’t work for this kind of role. Prakashraj shows his boring villainy while Chandramohan, Jayasudha have done over action in most of the scenes which extempore their over flown love on Gopichand. Comedy by Brahmanandam started off very well but then became a never ending tale. Ali was just okay for one scene while remaining others Subba Raju, Naazar etc were just okay.

Out of the Movie Wanted: The very first stroke of this story reminds us about Kalyanram’s ‘Athanokkade.’  This ‘Wanted’ has many shades of ‘Athanokkade’ and major difference here and there is lack of emotional depth in dealing the scenes. Although BVS Ravi had a good takeoff, he slowly went on loosing the grip and as soon as Deeksha Seth enters with the main story point, narration has gone erratic with no excitement even when key scenes are going on the screen. Especially the hospital episode of saving Jayasudha, considered as pillar scene for Gopichand’s character kick started the backsliding of movie. Being the central character of story, Deeksha Seth is a winner glam wise and performance wise, she looks lower than elementary standards. 

First half had some entertaining stuff with Brahmi, Gopi and story picks up few minutes before interval bang. Second half is the revenge taking saga and once the flash back is out, enthusiasm wanes off and movie goes one expected lines with no turns and twists. BO potentiality of ‘Wanted’ can be considered very less and this might go well for one or two weeks in B & C centres rest no hopes.      

When debutant directors are either coming with mind blowing narration styles or specially treated story lines; here comes BVS Ravi who failed in both the departments. Better luck next time friend.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Wanted: Outdated & Unwanted.

                                                                          Reviewed by Srivaas

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