Voter Review

Voter Review
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Director: Karthik Reddy
Producer: Sudheer Kumar
Release Date: Fri 21st Jun 2019
Actors: Manchu Vishnu
Voter Rating: 1.5 / 5
Voter Punchline: OMG!

Voter Review, What’s Behind:

Voter is the most delayed project of Manchu Vishnu who too seems uninterested in promoting this. Will Voter end flop streak of Vishnu?

Voter Story Review: 

NRI Gautham (Manchu Vishnu) lands in India to marry a girl of his parents choice. Fiancée (Surabhi) shoots him a tough task of making local MLA fulfill his poll promises. But, Gautham won’t stop there. He fights against another powerful, corrupt politician to show the power of voter. Will he succeed on mission to implement recall election practice in India? Will he get the support of State voters?

Voter Artists, Technicians Review:

A citizen or a voter has every rights to question a political leader who actually is to be treated as a public servant. Because of corrupt politicians, the inequality in country is growing and more importantly people not showing up to question political leaders has to be changed. Hope against the hope, one has to bring change in our political and administrative system. Besides covering all these points, director Karthik Reddy also sheds light on the need of ‘recalling an election’ which emphasizes power of a voter. Problem lies in his narrative of a serious concept. Without basic script and hold on direction, Voter went wayward.

Cinematography is mediocre and songs will only double our pain. Background score too will not make narration interesting. Production values are below par.

Onto performances, Manchu Vishnu is acceptable to an extent as common man who fights against corrupt political system. He was satisfactory in action portions as well. Surabhi got nothing much to perform though she ensured glamour quotient to be high. Sampath Raj is usual as main villain and Posani too will not bring any relief. Senior actors like Jayaprakash, Nasser were wasted for not-so-important roles.

Voter Review Advantages:

Hardly Anything

Voter Review Drawbacks:

Almost Everything                   

Voter Review, Rating Analysis:

Voter got postponed innumerable times owing to various reasons. Even controversy surrounding the film didn’t help it generate any sort of hype. Although they claimed that, Voter story is inspired by Assembly Rowdy, there’s no truth in it as Voter is completely different from Mohan Babu's blockbuster. Karthik Reddy failed in all the departments and has come up with pathetic project.

Movie begins with Vishnu’s comeback to India to marry atypical girl Surabhi who isnt prepared for marriage. Testing his honest and guts, she gives him a task. Vishnu and Posani’s scenes remind us of many old Telugu films where hero blackmails a politician to act upon his poll promises. Interval block is also pretty ordinary with Vishnu challenging Sampath Raj to show him the power of a voter.

Things will not fasten up in second half as well. Using ‘social media’ and technology to bring awareness among public is also an age-old concept. Because of poor direction skills, even intense scenes looked synthetic. Extended climax of Sampath Raj’s ‘political tactics’ to take on Vishnu who gives him ‘fitting reply’ in the end extends our suffering.

All in all, Voter is a pathetic film with zero entertaining elements. With Voter title, better they should have remade Assembly Rowdy rather than this worthless project. CJ goes with 1.5 stars and we suggest not to cast your vote for this one in order not to spoil your weekend.


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