Vivekam Review

Vivekam Review
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Director: Siva
Producer: Sendhil Thyagarajan, Arjun Thyagarajan, T. G. Thya
Release Date: Thu 24th Aug 2017
Actors: Ajith, Kajal Agarwal, Vivek Oberoi And Others
Vivekam Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Vivekam - Watch It For Ajith Action

Vivekam Review, What’s Behind:

Thala Ajith is yet to open his account in Tollywood after his early innings with Prema Lekha, though he is a huge star in Tamil Nadu. Here comes the highly anticipated lavish budgeted action flick Vivegam dubbed as Vivekam in Siva direction today into theaters with Kajal, Akshara Hasan in other leads. Let us see, what Vivekam is all about?

Vivekam Story Review:

Ajith Kumar (Ajith) aka AK is an Indian spy working in Europe for India’s Anti Terrorism Squad with his most trusted colleagues and boss Aryan (Vivek Oberoi). Ajith leads a happy family life with beautiful wife Hasini (Kajal). Cracking one of the crucial Nuclear Explosion cases targeted at India by International agencies, Ajith traces the whereabouts of key link in hacker Natasha (Akshara Hasan), who gets killed on the mission. But there are some hidden truths and betrayals behind this case, who are they and how Ajith solves the mystery is rest of action filled chases!

Vivekam Artists, Technicians Review:

Vivekam stands tall for technical expertise of director Siva in handling the camera and stunts department. Action part is literally of Hollywood standards with inspirations from Bourne Identity and James Bond series. Though Siva’s sweating hard work is visible on screen, his story and screenplay failed to excite audience.  Too many chases filled with non-stop gun fires, gravity defying stunts made the film high on action and low on substance. Writing part never impresses Telugu audience because every line is feeble without a soul. Writers Siva, Kabilan Vairamuthu and Aadhi Narayana should have concentrated more on story and screenplay instead of elevating massive heroism alone on Ajith. Senseless heroism can never appeal or touch the audience. Pace of the film and Vetri’s camera handling resembled more of racy narrative style from Singham series director Hari. One department which could have spent sleepless nights for months would be the editing team headed by Ruben…where is the shot opened, where is moved on and where it ended… a laborious task indeed. Music by Anirudh Ravichander will beat dust out of ears and is quite noisy. Sathya Jyothi Films Production standards are of top notch.

About artists, Vivekam is clearly a single handed show by Ajith. He is everywhere and never disappoints. His salt n pepper look with robust body immerses us instantly into his characterization. Coming to action part, this man exhibited some dangerous stunts in bike chasing episodes and his determination is just thrilling. Kajal Agarwal got a meaty performance centric role and climax stood on her. Vivek Oberoi’s stylish villainy hasn’t got any spine despite friendship scenes with Ajith lacked in focus diluting betrayal and rivalry part thereof. Akshara Hasan impressed in a decisively designed brief role. Shrat Saxena and others did their part.

Vivekam Review Positives:


Stunt Composition

Camera Work

Opening Scene

Pre Interval Block

2nd Half Scene, Ajith Saves Kajal At Home

Vivekam Review Negatives:

Overdosed Action





Vivekam Review Rating Analysis:

A film cannot come out a winner just because of grand visuals, great production standards and top notch technical standards. Like a pinch of salt is needed to make a recipe tastier, an iota of sentimental touch or a long lasting emotion should be made a part of story and script. Director Siva succeeded in presenting Ajith as South Indian James Bond but forgot to add mandatory commercial ingredients to make it a wholesome entertainer. Instead the high end technical jargon like Hologram, Morse Code and various places in Austria, Bulgaria missed the native appeal. 

Beginning Vivekam with a huge action episode introducing Ajith, director Siva made his thoughts clear in first fifteen minutes that Vivekam is purely an action flick and story will only serve a hindrance. Taking us into Vivek Oberoi and Ajith’s workplace, visuals here are superb. As the central story point is vague and unbelievable, scenes run in a hurry bringing Akshara Hasan into narrative thus paving way for almost 30 minutes of packed action before interval. 

Second half, the conflict is wide open between Ajith and Vivek Oberoi. Game of intelligence on one side and muscle tearing action on other side, confrontation between these two main leads is though dragged but keeps us engaged for a while. Couple of scenes, Ajith coming back from death crossing the icy mountains and the other scene of Kajal using Morse code to help Ajith shoot the killers at home is peaks of heroism. Designing Ajith as Terrorist by Vivek Oberoi is weak and the climax fight followed should have been much better.

All in all, Vivekam is a film that highlights Ajith and Shiva’s enormous hard work with strong technicalities which alone may not be enough to click in Box Office and adoration terms. Appreciating the team for such splendid team efforts, CJ rates Vivekam with 2.25 stars.

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