Vivaha Bhojanabu Review

Vivaha Bhojanabu Review
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Director: Ram Abbaraju
Producer: KS.Sirish,SUndeep Kishan
Release Date: Fri 27th Aug 2021
Actors: Satya
Vivaha Bhojanabu Rating: 2 / 5
Vivaha Bhojanabu Punchline: Offers Routine Bhojanamu

What's Behind

Comedian Satya is coming to entertain movie lovers with Vivaha Bhojanambu. The film directed by Ram Abbaraju is streaming on Sony LIV OTT from August 27. The film's trailer and teaser generated interest with the hilarious elements. Let us see what Vivaha Bhojanambu offers to viewers on screen.

Story Review

The family members of Anitha ( Aarjavee) gets shocked to know that she fell in love with Mahesh (Satya) with below-average looks. Her father (Srikanth Iyengar) goes to meet Mahesh in Hyderabad and after meeting his father (Sivannarayana) and other members decide to reject the alliance watching their lifestyle and Mahesh's stingy ways. However, Anitha's grandfather decides to invite them to their place Nellore to find a viable reason to reject but after knowing their surname Pattiginjala proceeds ahead with the alliance. Anitha's father tries to force Mahesh to bear the expenses for the extravagant marriage but Mahesh gets saved as PM Modi announces lockdown. This results in Anitha's family members get held up at Mahesh's house compounding his problems. What happens next form the rest of the story.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Ram Abbaraju came to entertain movie lovers with a story based on recent developments. He tried to generate humor out of the lockdown experiences. However, for the first half an hour into the story, everything turned out to be routine with monotonous comedy scenes. Interest increases only with the lockdown scenes and the subsequent developments. The lockdown angle and the fun generated attract viewers. However, after some time, viewers get bored as routine scenes repeat, and the director completely lost the plot by coming with illogical scenes. Had the comedy worked, people wouldn't have bothered but the routineness in the story with lack of novelty undid his plans.

When Sundeep Kishan was introduced, many expected it to elevate the scenes and take the story to another level. But instead, the narration took a downfall with the irritating scenes. Sundeep Kishan's role as Nellore Seenu turned out to be the big minus in the film. Though he attracts viewers with mass mannerisms and dance moves, he did not offer much to the story.Ram Abbaraju came with a simple routine and weak story and the flat narration did not help the proceedings. He failed with his screenplay and direction and the predictable part along with forced scenes took the film nowhere. The slow pace left people yawning and the pre-climax and forced climax tested the patience of the viewers. Dialogues are nothing new and all the actors passed through the motions.

Satya performed well and tried his best to attract viewers with his expressions and emotions. He deviated from the tailor-made comedy scenes to showcase his emotional angle. The role however is routine and he did it with ease. Sudarshan as the friend of Satya complimented him with his performance. Srikanth Iyengar is good but at times irritated with his expressions and overaction. Sivannarayana is ok in his role. Arajeevi who played the female lead just passed through the motions. Sundeep Kishan's role for all the hype failed to live up to the expectations. Others performed according to their roles.

Manikandan's cinematography is good. He beautified the film with his camera angles. AniVee's music is just ok and songs are old-fashioned and not appealing. The background score is ok. Editing of Chota K Prasad left a lot to be desired. There are many drags in the film which slowed the pace of the narration. Production values are good.



Lockdown angle


Stoy, Screenplay, Direction

Illogical scenes



Rating Analysis

Director Ram Abbaraju selected a good concept and planned to attract viewers generating humor using lockdown experiences that went viral on social media. Though the premise is good, he failed to come with a good story. Except for the lockdown scenes that were shown in the trailer of Vivaha Bhojanambu which increased expectations, the film offered nothing new. Instead, it inflicted a lot of pain testing the patience of the viewers. The film failed to live up to the expectations disappointing everyone. Considering the above points, CJ goes with a 2 rating for Vivaha Bhojanambu.


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