Virodhi Movie Review

Virodhi Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Virodhi: A film from Neelakanta is always looked after by a set of audience. When name of Srikanth too joined the batch, obviously we can expect a different film. Let us see, how different is this ‘Virodhi’? 

In the Movie Virodhi: Movie starts with attack and killing of a corrupt Minister of Parliament Jangayya (Ahuthi Prasad) by a Naxal ‘Dalam’ leaded by Gopinath (Ajay). They even take sincere journalist Jayadev (Srikanth) into the hostage, as he was present on the spot to interview Jangayya. As State and Central Governments are alerted by this incident, operations to rescue Jayadev will come into force under the observation of Police Commissioner (Nagineedu).

Gogi’s dalam (Kamal Kamaraj, Shivaji Raja, Ravi Varma & Others) takes the forest route of Nallamala to reach their base camp. Gopinath alias Gogi is a crooked Naxalite with no belief in Naxal ideology but selfishly wants to become a leader. With Special Para Military forces in combing operations on one side and greedy Gogi on other side, how Jayadev changed the mind set of dalam members, how many of the team members lost their lives and finally how Gogi’s chapter came to an end forms the climax. 

Values of the Movie Virodhi: An intelligent Neelakanta hasn’t gone on the beaten lines of examining the Naxal or so called Marxist dogma. Story concentrated more on other side of Naxal movement. How this powerful philosophy is diluted for the self interests, how are internal politics played with in the movement. Neelakantas’s mark screenplay turned interesting in second half. Dialogues were although authoritarian yet they are written so simple. What mattered more was direction. Entire story narration went on lazily testing the patience majority of time. Music by RP Patnaik worked well only in background. Cinematography of Ramachandra and Editing by Shankar is also okay. Production values of Meka Anil (brother of Srikanth) are just mediocre.

Performance wise more marks to Ajay and Kamal Kamaraj rather than Srikanth. Apparently Srikanth is hero of the film being pivotal but most of the time he is subdued with no big dialogues while Ajay has got a strong role with negative shades to expose his acting prowess. This might be one film that will help Ajay. In last half an hour Kamal Kamaraj took the edge over others. Kamalini Mukherjee, Nagineedu, Ahuti Prasad, Vijay Kumar, Shivaji Raja, Ravi Varma and others have done well.

Out of the Movie Virodhi: Srikanth being a family hero loves experimenting with different roles has got this character which hasn’t used his total talent. Most of the time focus was on Ajay and others. Neelakanta’s novel story point is enough to hold the attention of audience for some time. Indeed it is the slow pace and long pauses that made the film only partially effective. For regular movie lovers, this serious subject is not an easy pill to swallow. There is no comedy and no lavishly picturized songs or sequences. ‘Virodhi’ is a conscientious subject dealt thoughtfully by Neelakanta.

Spotlight of the film is Naxalism and how it is waning off loosing the importance in contemporary society. Excessive desires and politics with in Dalam are polluting the fundamental principles killing the very necessity to fight against social problems. Neelakanta is a winner in projecting this point in second half which is actual strength of the movie. 

This sort of films stands with no bright chances to win Box Office. At max, they can please juries for few Awards and satisfy the zeal of artists to portray different characters. 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Virodhi: Strictly recommended only for serious audience.

                                                                        Reviewed by Srivaas

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