Vikrama Simha Movie Review

Vikrama Simha Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Vikrama Simha: Touted as a breakthrough in usage of motion capture technology for the first time in India, this movie most importantly has Rajinikanth as hero. Directed by Soundarya Ashwin with story, screenplay of KS Ravi Kumar, let us see how far the movie can leave an impact on Indian cinema.

In the Movie Vikrama Simha: Story begins with drowning of young boy Sena in the swiftly flowing water falls while his brother Rana grows big (Rajinikanth) in kingdom of Kalinga Puram under the armory of King Raja Mahendra (Jackie Shroff) and his son Yuva Raja Rudra Mahendra (Aadi). Rana becomes Senadhipathi and advises his friend Rudra Mahendra to release the slaves of their rival kingdom Kota Pattanam mugging in barracks. However, Rana has a hidden agenda because he belongs to Kota Pattanam. Felt cheated by Rana, both Raja and Yuva Raja wait for a chance to take revenge. 

Into the next phase of story, Rana is welcomed by Kota Pattanam King Ugra Simha (Nasser) and his son Sura Simha (Sharath Kumar), who is actually in love with Rana’s sister. In reciprocation, Ugra Simha’s daughter Vardhana Devi (Deepika Padukone) also loves Rana. Twist comes in the form of Rana being arrested for attempting to murder Ugra Simha. Here comes the flashback on why Rana is here in Kota Pattanam to fulfill his father Vikrama Simha (Rajinikanth)’s last wish. Did Rana accomplish the task of dethroning Ugra Simha? When did Rana’s elder brother Sena (Rajinikanth) returned to kingdom?

Values & Out of the Movie Vikrama Simha: This is difficult task to review a technically well made animated film using motion capture 3D technology which is explained during the very start. Although Fans may not like to see an animated Rajini when the man is pretty much alive and kicking in energy for ‘Lingaa’ yet KS Ravi Kumar’s screenplay added with Ramakrishna’s dialogues offered all those punches filled with stylish heroism which we expect from Super Star. More prominently AR Rahman’s music is awesome with all the songs well choreographed and superbly canned. Rasool Pookutty’s sound designing also needs a special mentioning. Rajiv Menon’s cinematography is colorful and editing of Anthony was racy without any drop. Production values of Eros, Media One of Sunil Lulla needs to be highly appreciated for adventuring on a new thought. 

On performance front, when there are no live characters physically obeying the commands, this topic is unjustified. Anyways on a briefer note, except the models of Rajini, Deepika Padukone and Nasser to some extent, none of the other faces were expressing the emotions. Few of the episodes which instantly impress Rajini Rans are:

1. Verbal battle between Rana locked in jail and Nasser (Round of applause to Mano who regularly dubs for Rajini).

2. The animation fight sequence between Rajini and Deepika

3. The animation action episode on Rajini Vs wild animals.

4. Climax battle

5. Marriage of Sharath Kumar

6. Vikrama Simha episode

Basically, ‘Vikrama Simha’ should be seen as an experiment tested for adaptability of new technology in creating photo realistic characters using motion capture technology matches with the tastes of Indian audience or not. Makers have made sure that Rajini’s original magnanimous screen presence isn’t missed in the modeling of Rana and Vikrama Simha. At the same time, KS Ravi Kumar added the much needed commercial formula to screenplay by incorporating drama, brother-sister sentiment, revenge, romance, rivalry etc. Although ‘Vikrama Simha’ isn’t a complete film for regular movie going audience, one should appreciate the team for trying something new. This also makes the commercial result to fall in a severe dilemma.

Cinejosh Verdict of Vikrama Simha: Average Experiment Failed to Connect.

                                                                   Cinejosh rating: 2.5

                                                                                         Reviewed by Srivaas

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