Vikram Review

Vikram Review
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Director: Lokesh Kanagaraj
Producer: Kamal Haasan, R.Mahendran
Release Date: Fri 03rd Jun 2022
Actors: Kamal Haasan
Vikram Rating: 2.5 / 5
Vikram Punchline: Fails to create mayhem

What's Behind

The combination of Universal Star Kamal Haasan and Lokesh Kanagaraj thrilled movie lovers. The film titled Vikram brought back memories of Kamal's yesteryear film by the same name and also the presence of versatile actors Vijay Sethupathi and Fahadh Faasil increased the excitement. The film Vikram hit the screens today across the world and let us see what impact Vikram made on movie lovers.

Story Review

The gruesome murders of two Narcotic Control Bureau officers and the mysterious murder of Karnan (Kamal  Haasan) lead the Narcotic Bureau chief to assign the investigation to the Black Cops team led by Amar (Fahadh Faasil). Amar during his investigation finds out shocking facts about Karnan's personal life and also the dreaded drug lord Sandhanam (Vijay Sethupathi). To find out where his investigation leads to and unravel the mystery of Vikram (Kamal Haasan), watch Vikram on the silver screen.


Artists, Technicians Review

Lokesh Kanagaraj started the narration in an interesting and intriguing manner. The story takes off quickly to new heights and the twists in Kamal Haasan's role excite all keeping everyone guessing. The way Fahadh Faasil's investigation is shown increased the curiosity levels. But in the process of the detailed narration, the pace dipped and with a lack of action and Kamal disappearing completely from the screen for the entire first half, people get distracted and disassociated with the plot.

However, Lokesh Kanagaraj sprang a surprise with a breathtaking and action-packed interval bang. The second half continues in a similar manner but once the emotions and the dots are connected, there is nothing left and the story reaches the pre-climax at a snail's pace in a routine manner. After all the initial excitement, Lokesh Kanagaraj ended up doing the balancing act of giving equal screen presence to Kamal, Fahadh, and Vijay Sethupathi and diluted the thrill factor. Lokesh Kanagaraj's story and direction turned out to be routine and the screenplay is ok only in the first half during the investigation part. Lokesh Kanagaraj thrilled movie lovers by referring to Kamal Haasan's earlier film Vikram of the 90s.

Kamal Haasan showcased his acting prowess on screen. He showed different variations while playing different shades in his role in the film. He showed the emotional angle quite well and elevated them with his expressive eyes. He performed powerful stunts to thrill all his fans and the masses. Fahadh Faasil stole the show and he is seen throughout the first half. He carried the film on his shoulders with his intense and expressive performance. Without thundering powerful dialogues and doing breathtaking stunts, he made a powerful impact. Vijay Sethupathi got a tailor-made role and he slipped into the role of a menacing drug lord quite effortlessly. But for all his performance, he ended up annoying viewers as monotony crept into his role.  Narain, Arjun Das, Kalidas Jayaram, Gayathrie Shankar (as Fahadh's love interest), Chemban, Marimuthu, Ramesh Tilak, and Aruldoss performed their roles accordingly. Suriya's cameo made a powerful impact and Lokesh Kanagaraj delighted all with a pointer towards Khaidhi sequel.

Anirudh Ravichander's music is ok. There is only one song and the mass beat is a treat to the masses. Kamal Haasan danced with full energy and he sang the song to thrill his fans. He elevated the scenes with his impactful background score. Ganesh Gangadharan's cinematography is in sync with the storyline and it gave a realistic feel to the proceedings. The editing of Philomin Raj left a lot to be desired as there are many repetitive scenes. Production values are good.


Kamal  Haasan, Fahadh Fasil






Lack of twists

Rating Analysis

Kamal Haasan's Vikram directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj released with huge expectations. Into the story within minutes, the excitement increased and many felt that Kamal is out to deliver a knockout punch at the box office with Vikram along with Fahadh Faasil and Vijay Sethupathi. Lokesh Kanagaraj, however, lost the plot failing to include the real and interesting twists and turns, and instead seems to get awestruck with the opportunity to deal with the top three stars simultaneously. This affected his story, screenplay, and direction. Considering all these elements, CJ goes with a 2.5 rating for Vikram.

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