Vijetha Review

Vijetha Review
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Director: Rakesh Sashi
Producer: Sai Korrapati
Release Date: Thu 12th Jul 2018
Actors: Kalyan Dhev
Vijetha Rating: 2.5 / 5
Vijetha Punchline: Neither A Winner, Nor A Failure

Vijetha Review, What’s Behind:

Kalyan Dhev is another hero making his acting debut from mega compound. Producer Sai Korrapati provided him all resources for his maiden film Vijetha such as KK Senthil is roped in to handle cinematography and senior actors were signed to play key roles. Let’s see whether Vijetha is a perfect launch pad for Kalyan in actual review part.

Vijetha Story Review:

Ram (Kalyan Dhev) is the doting son of a middle class man Srinivasa Rao (Murali Sharma) who dreams big of his son but Ram is an average student. He fails to get job owing to poor marks in engineering and added is his irresponsible attitude. One incident changes the whole mindset of Ram who then decides to help his family and make his father a winnee. So, he starts a new business Surprise Planners helped by Chaitra (Malvika Nair). How Ram makes his father proud by fulfilling his personal dreams forms crux of story…

Vijetha Artists, Technicians Review:

Sai Korrapati as we all know is a honest producer who picks only story-driven subjects. Vijetha which marks debut for Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law Kalyan Dhev too is a film with good, proven content. Even the routine subjects with family emotions and bonding will click commercially if they are portrayed persuasively. Director Rakesh Sashi seems to have got this knack of writing heart-touching dialogues and impact-creating scenes. Though Vijetha is a regular film that highlights father-son bonding, Sashi with his sensible writing made it look la different one. 

In fact, the choice of artists picked are perfect well supported by technicians like top cinematographer Senthil Kumar who showed all his experience music director Harshavardhan Rameshwar have decent songs as well as emotional enhancing BGM creating right ambience in key episodes. Editor Karthik Srinivas should have chopped off few unnecessary scenes in both halves. Production values of Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram are as usually good in standard for a small budget movie.

About performances, Kalyan Dhev unlike many heroes from star families has picked a non masala storyline. Good thing is he did not go by Mega tag burden. Kalyan did his part convincingly facing camera for first time and has ease at dances, fights. Murali Sharma is obviously the biggest strength of film as he represents a middle class father which connects with every father. We indeed sense those emotions in real life when our own father sacrificed something small or big for the sake of family. Malavika Nair was cute, tried to fully utilize the space in unimportant role. Jayaprakash makes his presence felt in crucial sub plot and Nasser too was good in a brief, meaningful role. Sudharshan, Mahesh Achanta and Kireeti Damaraju managed to evoke humor. Other artists including Pragathi were okay.

Vijetha Review Advantages:

Father-Son Bonding

Second Half



Vijetha Review Drawbacks:

Regular Story

Formula Screenplay

First Half

Lack Of Commercial Elements

Slow At Times

Plain Narrative

Vijetha Review Rating Analysis:

For the launch of Mega Alludu, obviously we expect something really mammoth and out of proportion. In difference, Vijetha stood on its story merit but not the Mega stardom which Kalyan inherited by marrying Chiru's daughter. Thanks for this justifiable thinking as we have got a plain film with some spine in it devoid of heroism.

First of all Vijetha team took a brave decision by naming film after a class hit of Megastar Chiranjeevi. Except for that, they tried to present the film in a simplistic manner driven by middle class emotions. Father-son element is indeed the selling point and director Rakesh Sashi succeeded to major extent.

First half begins with establishment of father-son  bond between Ram and Srinivasa Rao. It was actually a known point of a middle class father sacrificing his life to provide the best in present and future for his son. Murali Sharma as Rao is a pinch at heart. Then scenes of Ram flirting with Chaitra are regular, unexciting.

Ram’s Surprise Planners biz idea is interesting but not the way it is presented. Movie heads to interval with Rao hating his son for foolish behavior. Bang could have been far better yet acceptable.

Into latter half, Srinivasa Rao’s flashback depicts the hardships of a middle class father who sacrifices, compromises his passion to just see his family happy. Then sub-plot of Ram’s efforts to impress Jayaprakash’s family is not so exciting. Satyam Rajesh’s track was another big minus. However, pace picks just before pre-climax and climax too was absorbing.

All in all, Vijetha is a decent flick with feel good emotions and gripping middle class emotions. However, it can be a right and safe launch for Kalyan Dhev who still has long way to go to make a mark of own. Mega fans and masses may not enjoy the film due to lack of commercialities but families may relish. Overall Box Office verdict has to be wait and seen as CJ goes with 2.5 stars.

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