Vidhi Movie Review

Vidhi Movie Review
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Director: Srikanth and Srinath
Producer: Ranjith S
Release Date: Fri 03rd Nov 2023
Actors: Rohit Nandakumar, Anandhi, Mahesh Achanta, Meeasm Suresh, Gowri Shankar and others
Vidhi Movie Rating: 2.25 / 5
Punchline: Vidhi - With Mysterious Pen !

Vidhi (2023) Movie: What's Behind

Rohit Nanda's Vidhi is already generating intrigue with its distinctive title. Directed by the talented duo of Srikanth and Srinath, the film has left a lasting impression with its captivating teaser and trailer. Set to hit the screens on November 3, 2023, 'Vidhi' promises to be a cinematic treat that will keep movie enthusiasts on the edge of their seats. Let's delve into what Vidhi has in store for all the eager movie lovers

Vidhi (2023) Telugu Movie: Story Review

Vidhi's story revolves around an innocent villager named Surya (Rohit Nanda), who embarks on a journey to Hyderabad in search of employment to clear his mounting debts. Little does he know that this move will set in motion a series of life-altering events. With the assistance of his newfound friends, Manoj (Mahesh Achanta) and Chintu (Meeasm Suresh), Surya manages to secure a job.

However, his workplace is far from welcoming, subjecting him to relentless humiliation. Just when he reaches the depths of despair, a chance encounter with a mysterious pen dramatically transforms his life.

As the story unfolds, we witness the ripple effects on Surya, his beloved Pallavi (Anandi), and his mother's life. The enigmatic pen becomes the catalyst for an unpredictable and captivating journey that holds the key to their destinies.

Vidhi (2023) Telugu Film: Artists Review

Rohit Nanda delivered a compelling portrayal of an innocent villager caught in the crossfire of integrity and socio-economic constraints. His ability to convey the frustration and humiliation that result from financial hardship and societal prejudices was commendable. Nanda's emotive expressions skillfully conveyed the challenges he faced in navigating the complexities of his relationships with lover. His performance resonated with intensity as he left no stone unturned in his quest for financial stability to shield his loved ones from the sting of humiliation.

Anandi, in her role as the caring lover, exhibited a strong command of her emotions and effectively expressed her character's sentiments throughout the film. Mahesh Achanta and Measam Suresh delivered flawless performances, fitting seamlessly into their respective roles.

Gowri Shankar left a lasting impression with his impactful performance. The supporting cast all played their parts convincingly, contributing to the overall cohesion of the narrative.

Vidhi (2023) - Movie: Technicians Review

Vidhi's story, penned and directed by Srikanth Ranganathan and Srinath Ranganathan, revolves around the relentless pursuit of a better life by a destitute, innocent villager aiming to settle his debts.

The narrative initially unfolds conventionally and predictably, painting a vivid picture of the protagonist's innocence, his romantic entanglements, and the harsh treatment he faces at his workplace.

The story truly piques the viewer's interest when a mysterious pen enters the scene. This unexpected twist captivates the audience and sustains curiosity through the first half of the film. However, as the story progresses into the second half, a return to the routine somewhat gives a dejavu feeling.

The mystery surrounding the pen could have been more explored. But, the focus on portraying emotions paid off well. The novelty in the film drives the narrative maintaining interest. The film concludes on a interesting note, leaving viewers satisfied but wanting more out of it.

Srinath Ranganathan adeptly handled both the cinematography and editing departments, ensuring a realistic portrayal of the village and the urban backdrop of Hyderabad. His editing skills maintained a decent pace throughout the film, with only a few scenes in both halves requiring improvement. The dialogues are satisfactory, and the production values by No Idea Entertainment meet expectations. Producers deserve a special mention for backing such a novel concept oriented film.

Vidhi: Advantages

  • Chemistry Between Lead Pair
  • Climax
  • Novel Point

Vidhi: Disadvantages

  • Uneven Screenplay

Vidhi (2023) Movie: Rating Analysis

Overall, Vidhi presents itself as an interesting source of entertainment. Directors Srikanth and Srinath attempted to portray the genuine human emotions experienced by a villager when confronted with challenging circumstances, while introducing an element of intrigue with a mysterious pen.

However, it could have been in next level of more explored about the mysterious pen. But the emotional angle worked out well with a neatly handled climax that satisfies the sympathy initially elicited for the villager.

The screenplay, maintain a certain level of curiosity, but feels uneven with a predictable plot at times, apart from the enigma surrounding the pen. A more meticulous script revision could have yielded a more engaging outcome. The novel concept will definitely make it a satisfying watch for viewers. Taking all these factors into account, Cinejosh Rates Vidhi with a 2.25 star Rating.

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