Veera Telangana Do Not call it a Review

Veera Telangana Do Not call it a Review
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(This movie has been discussed here only after special requests by few of our regular Cinejosh viewers for their love towards historical subject of Telangana Armed Struggle)

Behind the Movie Veera Telangana:
R. Narayana Murthy, the hero and director of rural masses always comes up with those regular subjects which revolve around suppressed classes and their sufferings. Although sufferings of people are all the same depending upon the income class yet Narayana Murthy’s films immensely appeal the audience in B and C class centres.

Orey Rickshaw, Erra Sainyam, Errodu, Adavi Diviteelu…the list goes on. ‘Veera Telangana’ is the first attempt by Narayana Murthy with a historcal subject on Telangana Armed Struggle which dates back to the rule of Nizam in Hyderbad province. Let us see, how far did he succeed in bringing the tragic history of Telangana on screen.

In the Movie Veera Telangana: Yadagiri (R. Narayana Murthy) and his family work as slaves (Vetti Chakiri) for landlord in a rural village of Telangana. From here on the story moves around big landlords (Maktedars, Patwaris, Deshmukhs) encroaching on the lands of marginal, poor farmers, forcibly evacuating them and then making them work in their own lands as tenants and slaves (Baghela and Vetti Chakiri).

Sufferings of poor and downtrodden peasantry by making them addicted to toddy, cheap liquor; keeping them away from education is also focussed. During these times when every section of the society is looted and treated with inhuman punishments by these so called feudal Deshmukhs in the name of Tax System, Political awakening in Telangana starts with the formation of Andhra Maha Sabha and Communist Party.

With 11th Session of Andhra Maha Sabha (1944) in Bhuvanagiri under the presidentship of Ravi Narayan Reddy attended by Maqdoom Maqbool, Baddam Yella Reddy and Chandra Rajeshwara Rao; revolutionary phase has started against the atrocities of these landlords. Taking the call from these National leaders, historical local Telangana leaders like:

Sheikh Bandagi - Brutally killed in the hands of Deshmukhs after winning the case in High Court against Deshmukhs

Chakali Ailamma - Severely punished for revolting against landlord for non payment of tax

Doddi Komarayya - Killed in a shoot out by these landlords by taking the help of Nizam

Dhanu Naik - Tribal leader killed by landlords for non compliance to their Tax system

Shoaibullah Khan - A sincere journalist killed by Qasim Razvi and landlords for publishing news against the cruelty of Nizam and landlords.     

Renigunta Ram Reddy - Killed by Razakars for offering shelter to communists

In parallel to narration of the lives of these local leaders, there was the movement of pride for Telugu language when Urdu was given an official status by Nizam. With Andhra Maha Sabha giving the call for formation of Grama Rakshaka Dalams and Sanghams in villages, entire union of Landlords in Telangana approach Nizam king for safety against Dalams.

Nizam along with his army leader, the communal Qasim Razvi and his Razakar troops start their massacre in Telanagana. Here comes the historical episodes of Bhairanpally and Mundroi when villagers in 100 and 1000’s of numbers are brutally killed without mercy.

Final phase of Telangana Armed Struggle ends with Guirrella Wars and Police Action by Central Government after acquiring Indpendence and Hyderabad Province (Telangana) joining the state of Andhra Pradesh. Hero of the movie Yadagiri takes part in entire story and all the episodes.

Values and Out of the Movie Veera Telangana: Telangana Armed Struggle is a historical and one of the longest phases in Indian Independence. When entire India was fighting against British for freedom, Telangana region considered as most backward was fighting against our own internal enemies in the name of ‘Bhu Poratam and freedom from Vetti Chakiri.’ More than 4000 of Telangana fighters sacrificed their lives for the movement. R. Narayana Murthy tried to throw enough light on all major milestones in the movement.

With a movement which has its span of decades, it would be tough for any director or script writer to narrate it in a matter of two and half hours. Technically ‘Veer Telangana’ is a zero movie, but the knowledge it imparts to present generations introducing few of our greatest freedom fighters is invaluable.

Movie speaks about Suravaram, Suddala Hanamanthu, Ravi Narayana Reddy…and the entire list enumerated above along with Nizam, his communal army leader Qasim Razvi and his Razakar Movement which even threatened our own Indian Independence. Movie speaks about significance of villages like Bhairanpally, Mundroi, Ramannapeta, Kandivela and towns like Bhuvanagiri, Janagaon, Nalgonda, Suryapeta…it is for sure the blood of Telanaganites will boil with regional fervour.

R. Narayana Murthy has taken enough care to woo the front benchers with songs like Saara Saaramma Saara, Veera Telangana, Bandenaka Bandi Katti. Music composed by Narayana Murthy himself is just okay. Dialogues by YS Krishneshwara Rao in pure Telangana dialect will attract Telangana audience. Production values of Sneha Chitra are very low by any standards. Movie starts off and narrated in the form of Oggu Katha, an Art specially used in Telangana which is quite impressive.

Separate Telangana state issue mugging up in political market with by polls in this region nearing by, ‘Veera Telanagana’ may have a good run in Telangana region. R. Narayana Murthy was so confused where to end the movie and it was an abrupt end atlast as audience were left n confusion as how the struggle ended.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Veera Telangana: Brave, knowledgeful but unbalanced attempt to remind the sacrifices of those Telangana leaders who lost their lives in Armed Struggle.

(Please do not treat this as a review because history of Telangana is full of bloodshed and sacrifices mixed with emotions and innocence which none of the producers dare to make a movie. Here is just an attempt to educate our viewers on a subject called Veera Telangana Veerula Gaatha)

                                                                                                  Analysed by Srivaas


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