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Vedam Movie Review First on Net
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Behind the Movie Vedam: No introductions, we know director Krish (Jagarlamudi Radhakrishna) as a talented and creative personality who thrives for new ways in story telling. ‘Gamyam’ gave industry this best filmy stuffed man and that was enough for movie lovers to keep waiting for ‘Vedam’ from a very long time. With Allu Arjun, Manchu Manoj, Anushka in the lead to thrill you along with Keeravani to enthrall you with his musical score…let us see, was Krish really able to offer you the meaning of ‘Vedam’?

In the Movie Vedam: Movie has five different stories which deals with five different people living with different motos in life.

First…it is Vivek Chakravarthi (Manchu Manoj) from Bangalore. He is son of an Army Major who lost his life for the sake of country. Contrary to that Vivek is a careless guy who dreams of shining as Rock Star with his rocking musical band. He gets an opportunity to perform in Hyderabad and his carelessness leads the team to miss the flight. Now, they are on the roadway to reach Hyderabad.

Second…it is the story of an old traditional handloom weaver Ramulu (Nagaiah) from Siricilla. With an heavy interest to pay for the money lender, Ramulu reaches Hyderabad to sell the kidney of his daughter-in-law (Saranya) for Rs. 40,000. All for the sake of better education for his grandson Srinu, by clearing the money lender’s debt.

Third…it is the story of Saroja (Anushka), the sex worker from Amalapuram who escaped from the hands of pimp. She reaches Hyderabad with an ambition to open her own company (brothel) and earn good money to live life on her own terms.

Fourth…it is the story of Raheemuddin Qureshi (Manoj Bajpai) who lost the pregnancy of his wife during the communal disturbances in the old city on Lord Ganesh’s procession. He develops hatred for the city and wants to live for Sharjah. But he is continuously targeted by a Hindu SI.

Fifth and last one is the story of Cable Raju (Allu Arjun) who lives in the slum area besides Jubilee Hills. He wins the love of a rich girl and urgently needs Rs.40,000 to keep up a promise which could settle his life happily in that rich family.

So, we have five stories and five different people struggling with their respective problems (Sorry, I too didn’t find any common thread to bind all of them). Situations turn up such complex teaching them a lesson of life for each and all five stories land up in a Government Hospital in Hyderabad which is already targeted by terrorists. Now, how did they save the hospital and who among these five have sacrificed their lives form final scenes in the movie.

Values of the Movie Vedam: First of all…first question that comes into my mind is why these five stories only? Although they deal with different kinds of struggles but there was nothing that took piece of minds of audience which made them to go with these stories. All five looked crude without any clear nucleus in them. Krish, the ace specialist in penning and narrating the story confused about where to end the movie and how to end the movie. Coming to dialogues section, none looked impressive except few from Allu Arjun (Comedy) and from Manoj Bajpai and Nagaiah. Obviously when we are dealing with five stories, what we need is a strong script which must carry the common soul (atleast as undercurrent) to connect all of them in any part of the movie. This is like Oxygen and was totally absent in Vedam. Direction wise, first half has nothing to materialize and second half was a bit better.

Camerawork by Gnyanasekhar was good while editor Sravan was the real winner who could have worked really hard in dealing with these kinds of stories. Music by Keeravani was awesome in background and atleast provided a big relief. Production values of ARKA Media were good.

Performances wise Allu Arjun was best among the lot. He has got a scope to perform different shades. Allu and Nagaiah will water your eyes in last scene in the hospital where Allu comes back to give the stolen money. Next, Manchu Manoj was right as Rock Star and his performance was more casual. Manoj Bajpai, what to mention? At any point of time he is the true performer. Nagaiah, the old man looked pity to his role. Anushka was really tempting but performance wise for all those who have seen ‘Chameli’ kind of movies, she really falls flat. Brahmanandam, Posani Krishnamurali looked extra and useless elements who had nothing connected to main story.
Out of the Movie Vedam: Sorry to say this but I can’t resist…what was the core message Krish was trying to offer the audience with ‘Vedam’ hasn’t reached any of the normal audience for sure. Is he offering a touch of Humanity? Then only a few minutes of final episodes doesn’t serve his purpose in dealing with lenghty episodes of five stories. Is he offering a touch of Entertainment? Except a couple of times, I was unable to hear no laughs along the entire length of movie. Is he telling a new story? Elements of terrorism, love, traditional handloom weavers and their sorrows, struggling rock stars…we have enough heard of them. Sorry..i can’t get anything in line other than these.

My clear view was that, Krish tried out weaving together five independent stories into one coherent plot and then attempted to to give a touch of humanity. Again a sorry, even this has many loop holes which are clearly seen. It requireds great depth and great commitment to all five stories for Krish but unfortunately this was missing by a mile leaving the audinece confused, vexed and pained. First half has nothing more than introduction of characters and a clear view of their life styles. Going for interval, you carry no special feel and the same was successfully maintained till end by Krish.

Few scenes which would show the poor work of Krish:
1.    Allu escapes away with money from hospital and what goes through his mind to come back has not correctly reached the audience.
2.    Money Lenders in Villages use ‘Compound Interest’ formula but not ‘Simple Interest‘ formula Krish.
3.    Nagaiah and Saranya try to get inside the bus of Komaravelli (Warangal dist) which is no where near Siricilla (Karimnagaar dist) as what Krish said about them.
4.    Going for chain snatching by Allu Arjun and Rajesh for nearly 30 minutes is not what we hope from Krish.
5.    Inspiration from Kasab’s massacre  in the final episode of movie in the hospital which is undigestible. Many more… 

If Iam not wrong, this kind of attempt already proved suicidal for ‘Om Shanthi’ by Three Angels. If Allu Arjun, Manchu Manoj, Anushka, Nagaiah, Good background score are positives for ‘Vedam;’ poor and sick narration, no soul and no common binding thread in the story, lengthy second half will do an irreversible damage for ‘Vedam.’

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Vedam:  Soul-less movie with Senseless Stories testing your patience. 

                                                                                                   Reviewed by Srivaas


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