Varudu Kaavalenu Review

Varudu Kaavalenu Review
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Director: Lakshmi Sowjanya
Producer: Suryadevara Naga Vamsi
Release Date: Fri 29th Oct 2021
Actors: Naga Shaurya
Varudu Kaavalenu Movie Rating: 2.75 / 5
Punchline: Varudu Kaavalenu - Wow factor missingu

What's Behind

Naga Shourya, Ritu Varma's Varudu Kaavalenu hit the screens today. The film is directed by debutante Lakshmi Sowjanya appealed to youngsters ahead of its release with the promotions. Let us see what Varudu Kaavalenu offered to viewers.

Story Review

Prabhavati (Nadiya) is on a mission to get her daughter Bhumi (Ritu Varma) get married. However, Bhumi (Ritu Varma) who runs an eco-friendly company DharanI Eco-Tech in Hyderabad doesn't give in to her mom's pressures and she is supported by her father Rammohan (Murali Sharma), an advocate.

In the meantime, Akash( Naga Shourya), a famous architect in Paris lands in Hyderabad after getting bored of seeing western girls and through his friend's father (Jaya Prakash) who invested in Bhumi's startup, meets her and shows interest in taking up her small project. To find out whether Akash is able to win the heart of Bhumi who is never understood by anyone should be found on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Lakshmi Sowjanya on debut decided to come with a feel-good romantic and family entertainer to attract all sections of movie lovers. This obviously turns the story predictable and even the narration. But what worked in her advantage is she got a good cast and crew and she got the optimum out of them. Ganesh Ravuri who made his debut as a dialogue writer came with good impactful and thought-provoking dialogues. These dialogues elevated the scenes to make an impression on viewers.

Lakshmi Sowjanya took her own sweet time to introduce various characters and establish their traits. She introduced Ritu Varma's character as an authoritarian and tough woman and even reasoned it out with the dialogue that when she was lenient no one took notice of her and when she is tough no one is coming near her. This summed up the character and behavioral changes of Ritu Varma's role as Bhumi.

In a similar way, Naga Shourya's character is established that he had clarity of thought but later it was revealed that he missed picking the signals sent by Ritu Varma during his college days. The first half has interesting elements and good dialogues featuring Naga Shourya, Ritu Varma, Nadiya and Murali Sharma. Though routineness crept in, it ends on a decent note. The second half turns serious with the flashback episodes and a few action scenes on Naga Shourya. It's all one side love throughout the film and when one person is about to express his or her feelings, situations turn negative. Saptagiri evoked laughter with his antics though his scenes are forced. His scenes are similar to Vennela Kishore's scenes in the first half and also few TikTok self videos scenes.

However, these are again erased by powerful scenes involving Murali Sharma and Nadiya regarding parents getting their girls married and why they shouldn't be forced so. Finally, the film ends in a predictable manner with Naga Shourya and Ritu Varma getting united thanks to Nadiya. The narration of Lakshmi Sowjanya is a slow pace and with few repetitive scenes, it tested the patience of the viewers. The screenplay and direction of Lakshmi Sowjanya as a debutant is ok. With no real twists and thrills, viewers need the patience to enjoy the film.

Naga Shourya performed well as a youngster who focussed only on studies and then settling in life. He showed variations in his expressions and emoted well in the important scenes. He did not have many hilarious dialogues for himself but this is compensated by Vennela Kishore and Saptagiri. He also looked stylish and handsome but at times looked jaded and dull. Ritu Varma performed well in the role of an authoritarian girl and she also reasoned it out well with powerful dialogue. In the second half, she transforms surprisingly all as a jovial girl but only for a few minutes.

Nadiya looked good as the mother of Ritu Varma and she made her presence felt with her dialogues, expressions, and emotions. Murali Sharma got limited screen presence except for good and impactful dialogues in one particular scene. Jayaprakash, Harshavardhan, Kireeti Damaraju did their roles accordingly. Vennela Kishore is ok in the first half while Saptagiri did well in the second half.

Patchipulusu Vamsi's cinematography is good. It beautified the film with different camera angles capturing the locations and showing it on screen in a natural manner appealing to the viewers. Vishal Chandrasekhar's music is good and all the songs are well shot. His BGM is in sync with the story. The dialogues written in the movie by Ganesh Ravuri were satisfactory. Had a Trivikram like-touch. Naveen Nooli's editing could have been better as there are few repetitive scenes and drags in the film. Production values are good.


Naga Shourya





Routine Story

Slow pace

Forced comedy

Cliched narration

Rating Analysis

Lakshmi Sowjanya's Vaduru Kaavalenu showcases the feelings of both the girl and a boy and what happens when they fail to express their feelings towards each other at the right time in a perfect manner assuming things. Lakshmi Sowjanya showed Naga Shourya and Ritu Varma in the roles that are tailormade for them for lack of real twists, slow pace, forced comedy, and routine elements impacted the film which had some good dialogues. Considering all these points, CJ goes with a 2.75 rating for Varudu Kaavalenu.

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