Vaareva Movie Review

Vaareva Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Vaareva: Gautham, son of Dr. Brahmanandam arriving with this second movie, debutant Mahi handling the production & megaphone and the new girl Sambhavi to serve the glamour part, this ‘Vaareva’ arrived in theatres today. Let us see, is there anything really ‘Vaareva’ in this?

In the Movie Vaareva: Rishi (Gautham) is the second son of a businessman (Sayaji Shinde) in Vizag. He comes to Hyderabad as an Engineering first year student and falls instantly in love with classmate Sandhya (Sambhavi), the only daughter of bad man Devaraj (Devan). Obviously looking at the dynamism in Rishi, Sandhya reciprocates her love and even her father Devaraj agrees for the marriage.   

All of the sudden unknown goons try to kill Rishi in Hyderabad which makes both Rishi and Sandhya to go Vizag. Here comes the twist that, Rishi had some old rivalry with Vizag local goon Bhupathi (Ashish Vidyarthi). How did Rishi change this local goon into a humanitarian forms the rest of story.

Values & Out of the Movie Vaareva: Undoubtedly, this is one of the most pathetic movies seen in recent times. Neither do we find artists performing nor do we find any of the technical crew giving at least their 1% of effort. No where do audiences get in sync with the story or characters. This is a two and half hour torture at its best form.

Though this movie doesn’t need any reviewing, it forms the duty to throw a glance on each. Firstly performance by Gautham further degraded in this movie compared to Pallakilo Pellikoothuru. No where does he have that spark or body language to become a Hero. Except few dance moments and an action scene, Gautham no where looked like a hero. Sambhavi, the new girl may not even get flight ticket or train ticket to go back. Neither she had looks nor the talent. A dumb face audience would get bored of. Strictly speaking it is Ashish Vidyarthi, Brahmanandam who took the major part in second half providing some sort of relief from hero & heroine. Remaining Pragathi, Sayaji Shinde, Master Bharath, Sravan, Vennela Kishore and others were just wasted. 

Technicalities wise, I can’t comment anything on Mahi except saying worthless. Even the cinematography by Satish, editing by Marthand, music by Mahesh Shankar added to the head ache of audience. Before signing off, it is quite a clear conclusion that there is not even a single positive point to infer from this ‘Vaareva.’ 

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Vaareva:  Stay Away…Stay Away…Stay Away 

                                                                                  Reviewed by Srivaas

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