Vaadu Veedu Movie Review

Vaadu Veedu Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Vaadu Veedu: Director Bala known for realistic cinema with disturbing content along with artists Vishal, Arya, Madhu Shalini in lead, this movie is expected to be a wonderful entertainer. After Siva Putrudu, Nenu Devudini, here comes Bala’s fresh venture. Let us see, what this film is all about?

In the Movie Vaadu Veedu: Highness (GM Kumar) is an old man belonging to the clan of Pithapuram Samstanam. Having donated all his properties for well being of downtrodden, Highness lives for poor. He has two loyal friends cum followers Walter (Vishal) and Dandalu Swamy (Arya). Both of them are born to same father but have different mothers (Ambika and Prabha). 

Walter wants to become an artist and Dandalu Swamy is a professional thief. As the story proceeds on with petty comic fights between these step brothers, Highness preaches them to live like true brothers. The bond shared by Highness with Walter and Swamy is so intense that their relation is seen in the angle of father and sons yet they are good friends who drink and dance.

While Walter falls in love with local lady constable Baby (Janani Iyer), Dandalu Swamy is in romance with Nagamalli (Madhu Shalini). As these brothers end ego clashes after a stage show with special appearance from hero Suriya, real trouble starts with entry of villain RK (RK), a cow smuggler. Highness being an animal lover informs police and helps them in arresting cruel RK. As soon as he is released from prison, kills Highness thus inviting both Walter and Dandalu Swamy who finishes RK.        

Values of the Movie Vaadu Veedu: Being a dubbed version of Tamil ‘Avan Ivan,’ it is the characteristic screenplay of Bala which makes this film a winner. Story is so simple and straight. Direction of Bala is major highlight in the flick. He maintained sufficient doses of humor in first half and second half while it is last half an hour, we witness serious grief. Cinematography by Arthur Wilson is top notch that takes you deep into the characterizations. Editing by Suresh Urs is brilliant work which didn’t let loose the flavor of film at any moment. Music by Yuvan is ‘The Best’ in background score. It is simply soul stirring. Dialogues by Shashank Vennalakanti are straight forward. Apparently Telugu nativity might have been missed in the story but Shashank tried his best. Production values of Vikram Krishna are high and apt to story.

Performance wise Vishal excelled in the role of Walter with squint eye and protruding lower jaw. Having rated as mass hero, this is first film where Vikram shown his real artistic skills. Every one will be surprised to see such brilliancy in this man. Arya is full of energy and his comedy timing is perfect. The other man who competed with two is hefty GM Kumar, the real key pawn in movie. Without him, there is no meaning to ‘Vaadu Veedu.’ Heroines Janani and Madhu Shalini have done justice to their part. Ambika was loud while Prabha’s mass dance talent will shock you. Everybody in the above said list requires a standing ovation. Other Tamil artists too did well.

Out of the Movie Vaadu Veedu: If you are bowled by Bala’s ‘Shiva Putrudu,’ then you will bow before him once again. Technicalities wise, he is one of the gems of South film industry. His way of extracting acting talents from lead artists is highly commendable. Literally every artist on the screen were fighting with each other to give their best. 

First half was entirely filled with comedy episodes without sidelining the main content. The way Bala established characters of leading three shows his quality of work. We never see a lag or boring scene that distracted the audience significantly. The take off for movie was so bright. Undoubtedly this is one of the best take offs ever seen in present day films.  

Certain scenes might be unconvincing or overt involvement for Telugu audience due to lack of nativity yet we remain with Bala through out. Though this may not be a ‘Shiva Putrudu’ but there is enough scope for people to accept it for genuine performances. 

Bala provided a dose of raw deal in dialogues and crudeness involved with nudity of GK Kumar to elevate the scene. For some section of Telugu audience, this may look like ‘Athi.’ Sorry, that is the way Bala works. He gave a perfect pack of emotion, comedy and artistic intelligence. Just say Hats Off to this realistic director who rarely misses the target. Success of the movie at BO is little doubtful but audience who love novelty will appreciate the efforts from heart.

Cinejosh Verdict of the film Vaadu Veedu: For die hard Bala Fans, please don’t miss this treat.

                                                                                                       Reviewed by Srivaas

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