V Movie Review

V Movie Review
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Director: Mohanakrishna Indrag
Producer: Dil Raju
Release Date: Sat 05th Sep 2020
Actors: Nani
V Movie Rating: 2.5 / 5
V Movie Punchline: Unexciting Thriller

V Movie Review, What’s Behind?

V is the first big Tollywood film to have direct digital release. It marks 25th film of Nani and his third collaboration with Mohanakrishna Indraganti after Ashta Chamma and Gentleman. Sudheer Babu played the other lead, while Nivetha Thomas and Aditi Rao Hydari played female leads. There were huge expectations on the film, owing to impressive promotional content. Did it live up to them?

V Movie Story Review:

DCP Adithya (Sudheer Babu) is a smart and intelligent cop who has 100 % track record in catching criminals. But, he gets a challenge from a criminal Vishnu (Nani) who is on killing spree. Vishnu gives clues every time, but Adithya fails to catch him and couldn’t even stop him from the serial and brutal murders. Adithya is in a position to lose the challenge if he can’t stop Vishnu from killing the fifth person. Who wins the battle? Why Vishnu is killing these people? What’s his motive? Why he challenged Adithya?

V Movie Artists, Technicians Review:

Mohanakrishna Indraganti is not confining himself to one particular genre. But, V is second thriller for him with Nani. Since their first film Gentleman was a hit, many expected V would be much more engaging, exciting and thrilling. But, Indraganti disappoints with routine revenge story and half-baked narration. Like a formula thriller, protagonist is on a mission to catch the master brain behind serial killings. The story lacked novelty and there were hardly any thrilling elements. While flashback lacked depth or emotional connect, the climax too is predictable. Cinematography by PG Vinda is one of the biggest assets, while background score by S Thaman is rousing. Amit Trivedi did good job with his sound tracks. Particularly, Vastunnaa Vachestunna is a haunting melody. Marthand K Venkatesh’s editing was not as sharp as thriller films used to be. Production values of Sri Venkateswara Creations are fine.

Onto artists, Nani tried hard to be distinctive and his malicious smile brings weightage to the character with grey shades. He looked equally good in two different avatars. First of all, he must be appreciated for accepting the role and he did full justice. Sudheer Babu is good in his part and he fit the bill as a cop aptly. Nivetha Thomas is charming and adorable, whereas Aditi Rao Hydari is cool in a brief role. Vennela Kishore and many other artists were wasted.

V Movie Review Advantages:




V Movie Review Drawbacks:

Regular Story

Clichéd Narration


Insufficient Exciting Elements

Lack Of Emotional Depth

V Movie Review, Rating Analysis:

Directors opt to various methods to engage audience in thriller movies. While some hide villain’s identity till the last portions, few others reveal the villain in the beginning and runs the story like mind game between two master brains. There’s huge risk involved in second type as the content should be exciting all through when the antagonist is revealed. More importantly, the back story should have a surprising element and should be convincing. Indraganti’s calculations go wrong as we get clarity on what the film is all about in first half an hour.

The film begins with an action episode which is meant for Sudheer Babu to flaunt his six-pack abs. Swiftly, Nivetha Thomas is introduced as a crime novelist and the romantic track is not so pleasant. Here comes the entry of Nani as a serial killer on a purpose. A police officer is killed, followed by the murder of a realtor and a Mumbai gangster. Neither any intelligence is shown in the process of Nani catching his targets nor is any astuteness in Sudheer Babu solving the puzzles.

Second half begins on tedious note and it goes on with the same pace. Nani’s flashback is routine, so is his romantic track. The next two killings were also monotonous, though there’s some action in the island episode. The final twist is also easily predictable.

All in all, V fails to live up to the expectations. Although teaser and trailer promised a roller-coaster ride, the film hardly has engaging elements. Nani is one of the saving graces of the film, wherein the film has many shortcomings. Indraganti who is a master in dealing romance has failed utterly this time. Neither Sudheer Babu-Nivetha’s nor Nani-Aditi’s love track was charming. CJ goes with 2.5 star rating and we recommend to watch the film for Nani’s performance and couple of songs.


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