Urumi Movie Review

Urumi Movie Review
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Behind the Movie Urumi: The abundant star cast of Prithviraj, Genelia, Prabhudeva, Nithya Menon, Vidya Balan, Tabu has built great interest on the flick. Ace cinematographer Santosh Sivan directing the film with historical-fiction backdrop is further interest generating. Let us see, how powerful is this Malayalam to Telugu dubbed movie ‘Urumi’?

In the Movie Urumi: Krishna Das (Prithviraj) and Tarzan (Prabhudeva), the easy going guys searching for easy money are caught lucky when a foreign Mining Company approaches them to sell their ancestral property in Northern Kerala. Krishna Das is unaware of this particular property belonging to him, visits the place to find Bhumi (Vidya Balan) and Urmila (Genelia) running a NGO for upliftment of tribes living in that backward land. Thangachchan (Arya), the tribal leader narrates the flashback behind this land and the history of Krishna Das ancestors. Here it goes:

That was the period of 1498 to 1508, when European voyagers have found the sea route to India. First among them is Portuguese Vasco Da Gama (Robin Pratt) landed in Kozhikkode, Kerala forces Arakkal king for a trade deal in exporting the spices. For his vestal interests, Vasco creates internal disturbances, inflicts cruel methods with in the provinces of present day Kerala. 

One such dead king/warrior’s (Arya) son is Kelu Nayanar (Prithviraj), who grows with the only goal of killing Vasco. He is assisted by kingly sword ‘Urumi’ and friend Mavvali (Prabhudeva). When Portuguese try to encroach upon Chirakkal by killing King's (Amol Gupte) daughter Chirakkal Bala (Nithya Menon), she is saved by Kelu and Mavvali. Thrilled by their heroics, Chirakkal King appoints Kelu and Mavvali as ‘Senadhipathi.’ Chirakkal King has a cunning Minister Kurup (Jagathy Sree Kumar), who has taken the side of Vasco.          

In Arakkal, there is one brave, warrior girl Ayesha (Genelia) who killed nine Portuguese soldiers when they attempt a rape on her. After a fierce battle between Kelu and Ayesha, they find their common goal to save country from the hands of Vasco and then fall in love. In parallel, Mavvali and Chirakkal Bala also fall in love. 

In this mean time Vasco’s son Estavio Da Gama enters into the province of Arakkal and is kidnapped by Kelu to surrender him before Chirakkal King. On the other side, Kelu and Ayesha build their own Army using the tribal population. Unfortunately Kurup sketches the conspiracy killing his King and helps Estavio to escape. Then comes climax where forces of Vasco and Kelu come face to face. Kelu, Mavvali loose their lives in battle and this is where Thangachchan’s narration of flashback ends.

Into the present, same such foreigners like Vasco are now on a plan to buy the ancestral land of Krishna Das in the name of mining. Did this European Businessman succeed again in stepping their legs into Indian land in the name of mining? How did Krishna Das and Urmila save their property forms the climax episode?

Values and Out of the Movie Urumi: Story and scripting of Shankar Rama Krishnan traverses through a big time period with each and every incident that happened in history brought before us. His story is massive, timeless and Santosh Sivan’s direction can’t be anything better than this. More concentration was kept on bringing the nativity element come alive and he has done it. Narration of story looked quite fast which was difficult to understand for some viewers. In fact first half was more effective and second half has a big lag. Well, no words to describe the cinematography excellence of Santosh. His aim of projecting the ancient Kerala as misty, swampy, soggy, greenery is concealed throughtout the length of film. Music by Deepak Dev is engaging and interesting. Sreekar Prasad’s editing was crisp in first half and second half needed further trimming. Dialogues by Shashank Vennalakanti were good. Stunt master Anal Arasu well choreographed the action scenes which dominated the flick. Although a dubbing movie, surely production values are all time high.

Performance wise Prithviraj is the show stealer. His broad biceps and physically well built body suited aptly to the character. Prabhudeva got a comic characterization band he has put in a commendable show. Genelia got a role of her life time. She was at ease doing the Sword fights and that was awesome to see her on screen. Nithya Menon was at her usual best. Among others Tabu, Vidya Balan, Arya didn’t get enough attention. Remaining others like Jagathy Sree Kumar was also good.

More than a regular feature film, ‘Urumi’ is done with enough research on Kerala’s history. Film throws light on actual character of Vasco Da Gama, whom we believe to be a great voyager who found sea route to India. But the actual story is different and he is the first European who stepped on Indian soil and then numerous Europeans ruled India to push us back culturally and economically.

Santosh Sivan has given more importance on visual effects and other technical values than the Scripting of ‘Urumi.’ All the characters introduced in the film are only to support Kelu but do not have separate identity. Songs in the film looked out of connection. Especially the song canned on Yakshini (Vidya Balan) was very hot with cleavage show. Locations used in the film are spellbound. Visual panache with fine tuned quality of each and every imagery make the film one of the best visual extravaganzas in Indian cinema.     

Urumi has good thrilling episodes to entertain the audience to core. At the same time it has major drawbacks like nothing in the movie related to our Andhra. In simple, ‘Urumi’ is a Santosh Sivan film and he has done it the way he wanted to do it. Only those who thrive for difference can go and watch it.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Urumi: Excellently Picturized with Irrelevant Historical Subject for Telugu audience.

                                                           Reviewed by Srivaas

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