Upendra 2 Review

Upendra 2 Review
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Upendra 2 Review, What’s Behind: Crazy Star Upendra is habituated to offer bold contented films which not only shock, surprise us but also stir our brains. He is an actor, writer, director with deranged attitude. So, ‘Upendra 2’ is here as sequel to his 1999 film of same title. After a gap of five years, Upendra is back into direction. Let us see how patrons are thrilled with Uppi’s psychotic thoughts in ‘Upendra 2’ review.

Upendra 2 Story: When it is Upendra, we can safely expect a blasting take-off. Story begins on interesting note explaining the functioning of human brain interlocked in Past, Present and Future. This is the exact and core plot for our psychological thriller. Nenu from ‘Upendra’ first part becomes Nuvvu (Upendra) here leading a gleeful life unworried of past and future. When there is existence of such a mystic brain, obviously a psychological student in the form of heroine Lakshmi (Kristina Akheeva) should conduct a research and she gets close to Nuvvu for love, marriage. Here comes a twist when Lakshmi’s friend (Parul Yadav) informs a strange identity of Nuvvu belonging to her journey in Himalayas. How all this is related to Lakshmi’s Crores worth property and how a Dubai based Don is working on the same is rest. 

Upendra 2 Artists and Technicians: When there is Upendra leading the team from front as hero, story writer and director, who else other than him can hog the central show? However, this sequel stands in no comparison to the first part which has a hair-raising story and screenplay. Instead, Upendra tried an uncustomary approach here with confusing story, complex script and convoluted narration. No where along the run, Telugu audience can connect with this kind of a concept! If this is Uppi’s scripting style, then many of us may disagree. Direction wise, Upendra closed climax on abrupt note leaving a possibility of ‘Upendra 3’ in future. Sashank Vennelakanti’s dialogues aren’t screwy like other Uppi’s films. Guru Kiran’s musical score is disappointing. Ashok Kashyap’s camera work is also mediocre. Crazy Minds editing is also far inferior. Technically, ‘Upendra 2’ is on the lowest standard matching with the production values of Nallamalapu Bujji.     

On to performances, Upendra is to serve a full meal for his Fans with eccentric styling. He appears for most of time in white and white costumes but nearly three to four costumes which come later in story are riveting. There are also few brownie points where Upendra-ism came out quite well. Kristina Akheeva is hopeless while Parul Yadav got some portion in second half. Among the rest, none needs a big mention.

Upendra 2 Rating Analysis: Being a small terrestrial belonging to Earth planet, it is hard for me to understand Upendra’s approach towards a theme that is unheard, unexplained and totally absurd. Word play between ‘Nuvvu’ and ‘Nenu’ is equally boring and confusing. OMG, alone Upendra can do this feat of shutting down cinema projector for two odd minutes exhibiting a dead white screen for audience sitting in theater. This can be called peaks of mental ‘Uppi-ism.’ Even for hardcore Uppi Fans, this is indigestible. Script and direction go wayward both in first and second halves unconcerned with our mental agony. Where is Upendra histrionics, where is his energy? Such questions surely need an answer.

A story which seemed to be capricious in first half with sporadic Uppi’s jerks totally went aimless in second half with routine sub threads bought to fore. An asinine climax is hard to ingest. Apparently, this is a hit-or-miss kind of experimentation sure to find zero adoration in Telugu. According to me, Upendra 2 is worthwhile a 2 star rating.       

Upendra 2 Cinejosh Verdict: You Crazy Monkeys, Save Your Present.

Upendra 2 Rating by Cinejosh: 2.0/5.0

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