Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Review

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Review
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Director: Venkatesh Maha
Producer: Vijaya Praveena Paruchuri
Release Date: Wed 29th Jul 2020
Actors: Satya Dev
Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Rating: 2.5 / 5
Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Punchline: A Cliched Drama

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Review, What’s Behind?

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya is the official remake of Malayalam hit Maheshinte Prathikaaram. Talented actor Satya Dev plays the lead, while Venkatesh Maha of C/o Kancharapalem fame directs and Baahubali producers bankroll it. The film releases today directly on Netflix with good expectations, since the original was critically acclaimed and commercial hit. Let’s see whether the film lived up to the exectations:

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Story Review:

A small-time photographer Uma Maheswara Rao aka Mahesh (Satya Dev) leads happy life with his father. He is in a relationship with his schoolmate Swathi. When things go smoothly, unintentionally, he gets involved in a brawl between his friend Babji (Naresh) and Jognath who beats him badly in front of huge gathering. Humiliated with the incident, Mahesh vows to get back at Jognath and pledges that he will wear slippers only after he has avenged his disgrace. Will he ever take his revenge? What happens to Mahesh’s love story with Swathi? Why Jognath’s sister Jyothi becomes close with Mahesh?

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Artists, Technicians Review:

Venkatesh’s Maha’s interest in making realistic films was witnessed with his first film C/o Kancharapalem. Though it is a remake, Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya is another realistic film from the director. Nativity issues, slow-paced narration and lack of humour quotient make it an average flick. Although there are some magical moments here and there, sluggish screenplay plays spoilsport. Maha, however, got the best technical team making it a decent watch. Bijibal’s music is one of the best things. Songs are harmonious, wherein background score is soothing. Cinematographer Appu Prabhakar captured the nature beautifully. He deserves special mention for the fine work. Ravi Teja Girijala’s editing work is poor, because even 136 mins run time looks lengthy. Production values of Mahayana Motion Pictures and Arka Media Works are good.

Onto artists, Satya Dev is cool as obedient and gentle-manned guy. He has time and again proved that; he can do any given role. There are different shades to his character, and he portrayed it like a master. K Raghavan who played Satya Dev’s father makes great impact. He appears to be a guru, the way he gives inspiring lectures. Naresh is okay, wherein Suhas fails to give comic relief. Both the heroines played their parts efficiently. The one who played Jognath is good. Others are okay.

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Review Advantages:

Satya Dev



Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Review Drawbacks:


First Half

Inadequate Entertaining Elements

Sluggish Narration

Abrupt Ending

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya Review, Rating Analysis:

Of late, Tollywood filmmakers are closely observing Malayalam films to remake them here, hoping they will equally be received in Telugu. Few who rightly adopted the essence of the original; and made sure it will not have nativity issues, are enjoying the success. But, Maha seems not bothered about the nativity issue. The light humour also didn’t work for the Telugu version. Moreover, realistic way of storytelling brings boredom most of the times.

The film begins on a pleasant note with Ningi Chutte song and the montages brief the routine of Satya Dev. This innocent guy has a girlfriend whom he adores from their high-school days. Suhas and Naresh’s daughter episode is sure to rake fan wars in social media. The sequence of Dubai phone call is infuriating and there are few other pointless scenes in first half. But story turns interesting, after the brawl between Satya Dev and Jognath.

Satya Dev goes all the way to hit Jognath and lots of drama and hype is created with all the villagers following him to witness the fight. Satya Dev’s photo session in his usual style of asking the lady to chin up, shoulder down, eyes open etc. for magazine cover page brings some humour. Dad’s words to Satya Dev are thought provoking and inspirational. His understanding of photography is beautifully portrayed in another song. The final combat is realistic and intriguing. Climax, however, looked abrupt.

All in all, Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya is not as great as C/o Kancharapalem in many aspects. Satya Dev’s impeccable performance coupled with Appu Prabhakar's cinematography and Bijibal's music are the saving grace of the film. If you love realistic and rustic films, you may love this film or else you will feel boredom in many places. CJ goes with 2.5 star rating.


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