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UKUP Review
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Behind The Movie UKUP: Most awaited film from Manchu family arrived today in theatres with a lot of buzz as Sravana Masam gift. With too many assumptions on this powerful entertainer, let us see how far Balakrishna, Manchu Manoj and Lakshmi supported debut director Sekhar Raja?

In The Movie UKUP: Story begins with unnamed hero Manoj (Manoj) entering into Gandharva Mahal for a room to occupy as tenant. The Mahal is owned by Rayudu (Prabhu) as an acestral property which is given for rent to low class families. Here comes Rayudu’s younger daughter Jagadi (Deeksha Seth) to attend the marriage of her elder sister Vishali (Madhumitha) engaged to Rishi (Rishi). On the first look, Manoj falls in love with Jagadi and tries to impress her. However, Manoj has his own agenda of disturbing the marriage because Rishi’suncle Bujji Naidu (Sai Kumar) asks Mahal as the dowry gift and Rayudu too accepts.

Time for Manoj to get on to the task and make people believe that soul of Narasimha Rayudu (Balakrishna) is wandering in Mahal. Here comes the flashback where Rudramaneni Narasimha Rayudu, the royal descendant of Ratnagiri Samsthanam is known for generosity and welfare of downtrodden. He is cheated by Phanindra Bhupathi (Sonu Sood) to get the ownership of Mahal for the love of a prostitute’s daughter Amruthavalli (Lakshmi Manchu). However, Narasimha Rayudu kills Phanindra Bhupathi to keep the royal palace safe. But, the spirits of Phanindra Bhupathi and Narasimha Rayudu are still hiding in Mahal.

What is Manoj’s relation with Narasimha Rayudu family? What happened to Manoj’s sketch of saving the Mahal from Bujji Naidu’s hands? How did Narasimha Rayudu put an end to Phanindra Bhupathi’s soul forms the rest.

Values of The Movie UKUP: Frankly speaking, except the climax performance of Lakshmi Manchu there is nothing bright to mention about this lacklustre film. The unconventional taking, loop holes in scripting of Sekhar Raja have totally halted the run. When it is called a thriller subject with horror elements, audience expect a bit of excitement. Unfortunately direction of Sekhar Raja is pathetic. Background of Chinna and original score of Bobo Sasi too are the same. Thanks to cinematography of B. Rajasekhar who made the screen to look bright. Editing is also very bad. Dialogues by Lakshmi Bhoopal were good at times. There is nothing great to speak about visual effects or computer graphics. Bhupesh R Bhupathi’s art work is really good. Production values of Manchu Entertainments are admirable.

Performance wise, the majestic look of Balakrishna is wasted with faulty character etching. There were numerous situations in the story where powerful punches were required by his role but deliberately supressed. Manoj occupied the major screen time in first half. He went over the board with eccentric thinking. His physqiue and dialogue delivery are superb for no use of actual story. Deeksha Seth is hot and no scope to perform. Sai Kumar with a comedy wig is wasted in a useless role. Lakshmi Manchu is surely the surprise package and she delivered a shaking performance in climax which might actually become the savior for film. Sonu Sood is regular. Rishi, Bhanuchander, Prabhu, Ajay, Panchi Bora, Nilalgal Ravi, Suhasini, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Raghu Babu, Abhinaya Sri etc are okay. 

Out of The Movie UKUP: This will be a disappointment for Balakrishna Fans who expect the roar of his trademark dialogues. The weak script and pale narration made major part of show look simple and below average. Surely, Manchu family should have taken more care in pre-production stages to bring out a quality product. Balakrishna’s entry gives a momentum to story but failed drama could not elevate the essence. 

Love track between main leads is spineless and Manoj’s overaction further degraded it. The feeling of thrill and suspense is dominated by ugly and elementary errors. Everything runs on predictable lines leaving much more to be needed for a good movie. There are plenty of scenes lacking in appeal which shows how carelessly the production team has wrapping the shoot.

Instead of concentrating too much on looks, costumes and composing action scenes, Manoj should turn towards judgement in a script. First half is weak compared to an average second half. Overall, this could be a below average product at BO.

Verdict of The Movie UKUP: A Complete Disappointment.

                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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