Tupaki Review

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Tupaki Review
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Behind the Movie Tupaki: While AR Murugadoss has a brand value in Andhra Pradesh, it is the presence of Vijay which could keep the hype surrounding this project a bit low. However, it is too late for a review from our side and sorry for that. Let us see, whether this 'Tupaki' has enough ammunition in it to trigger the BO or not?

In the Movie Tupaki: Jagdeesh (Vijay) is an intelligent Indian Army Officer off to Mumbai to enjoy a vacation. Family of Jagdeesh is in hunt for a right bride and they find Nisha (Kajal Agarwal) as an apt match. Although reluctant early, once Jagdeesh understands the real side of Nisha, the love track deepens. In this mean time of romance, accidentally Jagdeesh happens to bump into a sleeper cell terrorist in a local bus. Into action, Jagdeesh teams up with his old batchmates to upset the terrorist plan of 12 serial bomb blasts planned in Mumbai. Frustrated by this, the Master mind and terrorist head behind (Vidyut Jamwal) enters into scene to take it face to face with Jagdeesh. Did Vidyut's plan to lay a trap for Jadgeesh was successful? Was Jagdeesh enough talented to put an end to sleeper cell network forms the rest.

Values of the Movie Tupkai: The one invaluable quality AR Murugadoss blessed with is, his knack of commercializing aky kind of subject. In fact, none could have made this kind of gripping action thriller with a simple sleeper cell terrorist concept which isn't touched in depth by any director in India. The kind of hold Muruga has on screen-play writing was evidential throughout the second half. Our Telugu audience would easily forget that we are watching a Tamil to Telugu dubbed film because of the intensity packed. Meanwhile, the romantic track weaved into the story is actually a weak thread which distrubed the actual soul and feel. Cinematography of Santosh Sivan is just top notch and Sreekar Prasad could have been better in the boring love track. After enjoying extra-ordinary tunes and exhilarating back-ground from Harris Jayaraj, we expect much more than this. Dialogues were just okay. Production values of Gemini FIlm Circuit and SVR Media are worth appreciable.           

Performance wise, Vijay's character has been underplayed for major time and that has become the blessing in disguise. Compared to past flicks like 'Snehithudu,' the way Vijay directed his energies into simple yet stylish action episodes made him a winner. Next in the list comes is Vidyut Jamwal. Utilizing the biggest of opportunity offered, Vidyut's muscular body and handsome looks give a new flavor to villainsm. The less we speak, it would be more better about Kajal who is just portioned for songs and romance. Of the remaining we can only remind, Sathyan and Jairam who were just fit to their comic portions. 

Out of the Movie Tupaki: The best memories which striked my thoughts watching 'Tupaki' were about Venkatesh's 'Gharshana.' Director Muruga has cooked a recipee which is similar to Gautham. Yet, both are different in their own versions. Scripts like 'Tupaki' need more of the hardwork on visualization. When you are presenting the same on screen in the form of mind games between antagonist and protagonist, viewers should feel the goose bumps else your attempts go in vain. When we have some one like Muruga leading from front, even the expression face like Vijay too becomes engaging. Same happened here and Vijay might find some part of his dream to form a market in Tollywood will be fulfilled. 

While first half is a bit entertaining with romantic track, introduction to sleeper cells in Mumbai, narration changes the gear and suddenly we get too much involved into the bloodshed of pre-interval episodes. Then second half is entirely the magic of Murugadoss while the tasteless love episodes and placement of songs pulls down the anxiety. So, overall the graph goes up and down till a much more desired climax.

Commercially, 'Tupaki' might be a profitable project in Tamil because of Vijay factor. When target audience for this kind of action thrillers form a low minortiy core, it is difficult to anticipate on where the Telugu version will land. For regular audience, think before getting in and for hardcore Muruga admirers, don't miss this. He has got ammunition right this time.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Tupaki: Best Action Thriller in recent times. 

                                                                                    Reviewed by Srivaas

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