Tuneega Tuneega Review

Tuneega Tuneega Review
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Behind the Movie Tuneega Tuneega: Producer MS Raju’s son Sumanth Ashwin is debuting with this film. MS Raju himself handling the direction department with new comer Riya as heroine. Let us see, whether ‘Tuneega’ is worth a watch or not?

In the Movie Tuneega Tuneega: Story begins with Dr. James (Sayaji Shinde) praying the gods for marriage of Karthik (Sumanth Ashwin) and Nidhi (Rhea). Time for the big flashback and here it goes. Karthik is the only son of chef Rama Swamy (Prabhu) while Nidhi is the only daughter of businessman Ravindra Babu (Naga Babu). Both Rama Swamy and Ravindra Babu are childhood friends but it is not the same with their kids Karthik and Nidhi. They always involve in silly and funny fights playiing pranks developing hatred towards each other. Nidhi is parceled to America for future studies. Fast forward by 12 years, these kids grow up as Karthik (Sumanth Ashwin), a good dancer aspiring to shine at National level while Nidhi (Riya), an animal lover is back in India to attend a business party arranged by her dad. Unknowingly Karthik present in the same party falls in love with Riya at very first sight. Hiding his original identity as Karthik, he impresses Nidhi and both get attracted towards each other. In the mean time, Ravindra Babu’s father (Vijay Chander), sister (Geetha) along with her husband (Vinod Kumar) and their children Nita, Rahul sketch a conspiracy to eliminate Karthik from the life of Nidhi. As per the plan, Karthik and Rama Swamy leave the house in an insulting incident. Next is how Karthik won his love? How and when did Ravindra Babu realize his mistake? What kind of mediation James did in this?

Values of the Movie Tuneega Tuneega: In simple, story and scripting of this film are completely outdated. MS Raju relied on old style of treatment which made major part of show unimpressive. With shades of 'Nuvvostaanante Nenoddantaana' remained in tact, 'Tuneega' failed to fly. Same applies for dialogues of Paruchu Brothers which of course clicked in some occasions. Savior is S. Gopal Reddy's photography catching the beauty of hill stations used in the film. Krishna Reddy's Editing could have been still better in second half. Music by Karthik Raja was decent for a couple of songs and background was innovative in few sequences. Production values of Maganti Ramji and Padmini Arts are appreciable. 

Coming to performance, Sumanth Ashwin never looked like a new comer. He has no camera fear and drizzled with confidence thorugh out. Impressive face features, energetic body language, ease in acting, athletic body of Ashwin will definitely take him to the top, if proper scripts are selected. Rhea has neither stunning beauty nor possessed an oomph filled body. Yet did her part well. She resembled Nikitha and Swetha Agarwal ('Allari' heroine) in many places. Of the remaining, Naga Babu did a purposeful role, Sayaji was at his routine while Seetha, Vinod Kumar, Geetha, Paruchuri Venkateshwar Rao, AVS, Kasi Vishwanath etc did their part.

Out of the Movie Tuneega Tuneega: As said above, this project will serve at best only as an opportunity for Sumanth Aswin to prove his caliber as an artist. Neither the story nor the script and direction came to his help. MS Raju instead of braving with a new story for his son has just followed the old fashioned love story with no excitement. At least, he should have adopted a new style in treatment. Unluckily the same mistakes found in 'Vaana' are repeated here in 'Tuneega.' As a father MS Raju might be happy with Sumanth Ashwin's active energy. Nevertheless as a director he failed to get relief from the neverending flop stream.

First half of 'Tuneega' is majorly concentrated on reaping the entertainment with decent introductions of new and young lead pair. Later on the graph falls up and down until an expected intrerval bang comes raising anxiety on second half. Without changing the pitch and pace, MS Raju struck to his 1980 nand 90 formula treatment. The weak second half is further extended scene by scene to end with a touching climax. A common opinion by many would be, other than MS Raju any other senior director could have cooked a better show. Overall, 'Tuneega' is a below average farer with nothing extra ordinary to talk about. The only good point is Sumanth Ashwin who will surely have bright future. Commercially, this might not pose a threat to biggies arriving from next week.

Cinejosh Verdict of the Movie Tuneega Tuneega: Watch it only for Sumanth Ashwin.

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