Tulasi Dalam Review

Tulasi Dalam Review
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Tulasi Dalam Review, What’s Behind: Tulasi Dalam is an indelible title written as a novel, made as a film and serial by Yandamuri Veerendranath. After a big long gap, RP Patnaik playing with the same title gained good popularity for this film. Shot wholly in the USA, let’s read more in our review.

Tulasi Dalam Story: Satwik (Nishchal Deva) moves to the USA for joining and marrying his longtime girlfriend Nisha (Vandana Gupta). Uniting with his old friends group (Duvvasi Mohan and others) in Las Vegas, one day Satwik bets with them to sleep one night in graveyard. He wins the bet but begins experiencing paranormal activities in and around him. Then comes in new girl Shanti into Satwik’s life and in no time, it’s revealed that Shanti was dead couple of years ago. As Shanti begins to disturb Satwik, Nisha’s personal life; they approach psychiatrist and witch doctor Tilak (RP Patnaik) for help. How Tilak resolves their problems? Who is Shanti? What is her story? What is she expecting from Satwik and Nisha?

Tulasi Dalam Overall Analysis: If RP Patnaik sir is dying to make a film at any cost, then this is not the right way. Amateur directors can deal this plot more effectively than the way RP handled it. Literally, no way one can call ‘Tulasi Dalam’ a horror or even a thriller flick. With an extremely weak storyline and zero scripting, looks like RP shot the movie while he is on a pleasure US trip. Every frame and every scene shot is full of blunders. Out of focus, shallow depth of field etc; quote any best reasons for getting blurry camera pictures… you find all of them in this sort of camera work used. After pulling off nearly 110 minutes of useless story narration, RP appends a mother-sentiment to climax and this is stupidity at peaks. There’s no word like logic or argumentation when you follow this system of making. Being the story writer, screen writer, producer, music director and director, RP Patnaik had every-blame to take on himself. Las Vegas is the place of bright sunlight and visuals could have been extra ordinary quality at least to make us glue to chairs. Nowhere, they paid an eye to offer the visual beauty. Thanks to poverty stricken production standards, makes it easy to call this as non-film. 

On to performances, Vandana Gupta was luscious in mildly dark skin tone. Her costume selection and drive into character was impressive. Nishchal Deva tried his best. Duvvasi Mohan, Brahmanandam can’t do much. RP Patnaik provided enough laughter dealing with evil spirits. Anita Chowdary is the only other recognizable face among rest. 

Without getting much deeper into post mortem of other portions, Cinejosh rates ‘Tulasi Dalam’ with 1.5 stars saluting RP sir for re-approving a fact of his lost touch not only in music department but also in overall conviction of film making.

Tulasi Dalam Cinejosh Verdict: Destruction Of Cult Title!

                                                          Tulasi Dalam Cinejosh Rating: 1.5/5.0

                                                                                                      Reviewed by Srivaas

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