Trisha Leda Nayanathara Review

Trisha Leda Nayanathara Review
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Trisha Leda Nayanathara Review, What’s Behind: GV Prakash is more known to Telugu audience as a wonderful music composer. He also turned an actor in Tamil Nadu. Here is one dubbing film from Prakash along with Anandini and Manisha Yadav as heroines. Enjoyed a hit verdict in Kollywood, let us see what is this adult comedy film Trisha Leda Nayanathara all about?

Trisha Leda Nayanathara Story: Jeeva (GV Prakash), a contemporary youngster with no aim in life gets struck as a lover in between Ramya (Anandi) and Aditi (Manisha Yadav). In fact, they three grow up together. With age, Jeeva first sincerely loves Ramya during school days and gets separated on a reason. Coincidentally, a bold Aditi enters into Jeeva’s life purely with lust. When Aditi is found to be a drunkard, Jeeva slaps her and is separated. As Jeeva begins to search for sincere love, again he finds Ramya back in life. With the help of Ramya’s aunt Simran (Simran), slowly Jeeva and Ramya patch up. However, Jeeva soon discerns a fact that Ramya lost virginity during her past affair. Jeeva is back to zero as he finds Priya (Priya Anand) in train.

Trisha Leda Nayanathara Artists and Technicians: The very thought of director Adhik Ravichandran characterizing his hero as a genuine teenager expecting a teetotaler and virgin to be his life partner enumerates the treatment given for movie to be purely running on adult comedy base. Although, movie gets bold to an extent now and then finally it was awkward and can be easily called an unadulterated sex comedy. Boys move around girls only with perverted inclinations and girls are also nothing easier as they just use boys. ‘Love Antene Aa Matter… Aa Matter Untene Love…; that’s the story in brief. Nevertheless, Adhik disrespects women in several instances and this film successful preaches hatred against women including the climax. As a director Adhik crossed all the boundaries something like what Maruthi used to do in the past so effortless. Cinematography by Richard is splashy and songs were shot vibrantly. Anthony’s editing has so many lapses. Doesn’t know, whether Telugu version is cut short or not but many episodes were observed disjointed. GV Prakash background score is impressive relative to songs. Dialogues written were in lowest quality standards and so are the pathetic, disgusting lyrics. Production values of Rushi Media are in sync with treatment given.

About performances, GV Prakash had strong resemblances to Ravi Krishna in ‘7G Brindavan Colony.’ He just played to the gallery with catchy one liners and rough body language. Best portion is this short statured personality had good grace in dances. Anandi is well dressed and cute looking as girl next door. Manisha Yadav is sexy ensured the glamour quotient to go high. Simran is dignified and VTV Ganesh as GV Prakash uncle generated humor. Rest does not need a mention.

Trisha Leda Nayanathara Rating and Analysis: Like many of current generation directors playing the safe game with adult-youthful-romantic comedy entertainers, Adhik Ravichandran also had an understanding on what young audiences want. So, he had no restrictions in using the cuss words just to connect with present generation’s liking for sex comedies. Fallen in this brawny trap, he forgot to drive no clear point. Scenes go one by one without offering any sensitivity. Without making any valid point, never his approach was sensed in right spirit. By the end, what does Adhik tried to prove? Is every girl in and around is characterless? Are there no virgins to trace?

These are the areas where TLN goes over the top. Definitely, a section of audience who love such boldness might connect to Ahik’s mindset but from other perspective, it’s narrowed male jingoism. All in all, TLN tries to touch one side of youth audience to a certain extent. Bad writing and unidentifiable artists made it a repellant show. GV Prakash ubiquity, Manisha Yadav provocative looks, Anandini beauty were a bit bearable. Commercially, TLN has few chances to stick in lower order centers if makers peg up their promotions. Finally, Cinejosh respects TLN with 2 stars… just a pass.

Trisha Leda Nayanathara Cinejosh Verdict: Perverted Adult Comedy.

                                              Trisha Leda Nayanathara Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                                                                                               Reviewed by Srivaas

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