Touch Chesi Choodu Review

Touch Chesi Choodu Review
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Director: Vikram Sirikonda
Producer: Bujji, Vamshi
Release Date: Fri 02nd Feb 2018
Actors: Raviteja
Touch Chesi Choodu Rating: 2.25 / 5
Touch Chesi Choodu Punchline: Dont Touch It - Stay Away

Touch Chesi Choodu Review, What’s Behind:

Mass Raja Raviteja who is back with a bang Raja The Great is yet again coming up with action cop drama Touch Chesi Choodu from debutant director Vikram Sirikonda starring Rashi Khanna, Seerat Kapoor in female leads. Let us see, how far Raviteja shined in his lucky police attire designed by writer Vakkantham Vamsy?

Touch Chesi Choodu Story Review:

Story begins on a positive note with Mafia Bhai Irfan Lala (Freddy Daruwala) threatening top level police officer DGP (Murali Sharma) for blocking their smuggling activities. On the other side, Karthikeya (Raviteja) leading a beautiful life with his wonderful family is all set to marry Pushpa (Rashi Khanna) just to see his family members happy. On a misfortune day, Karthikeya comes across Bhai in Pondicherry renamed as Selvam when police forces are cracking the death of a social activist. 

Immediately Karthikeya reveals his past identity of a powerful, uncompromised ACP who never cared for family. His flashback of rivalry with old city based Irfan Lala and love with childhood buddy Divya (Seerat Kapoor) closes on the death of Irfan Lala. How come Irfan Lala rechristened himself as Selvam and how Karthikeya back on duty wipes him off is the rest.

Touch Chesi Choodu Artists, Technicians Review:

To put it from basic point, there is no solid story in TCC and god knows how a senior and proven writer like Vakkantham penned this one. Vikram Sirikonda’s screenplay has zero excitement and zero sparks. His direction lacked in extracting the right juice out of a typical Raviteja film. Writing part missed in ferocity and punches generally one expects from Mass Raja. Except a couple of situations created within the story premise to elevate Raviteja’s heroism, Vikram failed in every remaining aspect. Most importantly, the way climax part is closed leaves audience in a shock. Richard Prasad and Chota’s camera work is mediocre like the methodically poor editing from Goutham Raju. Thanks to Mani Sharma’s background score which upgraded mass appeal in certain action episodes as main musical score by JAM 8 is easily forgettable. Production standards from Bujji and Vamsi are also passable.

About artists, Karthikeya is a beaten to death dual shaded character on Raviteja, one as a mighty cop and second as a family loving person. Compatibility missed in his overall look, appeal and makeup from scene to scene and frame to frame. Nevertheless, those who love Raviteja’s energy will find a bit of satisfaction. Had there been more focus on romance and emotional thread connectivity, the film would have come more alive. Rashi Khanna is wasted for whole first half and Seerat Kapoor never appeared like a heroine material in second half. Raviteja family members Jaya Prakash and other artists did their part. Sathyam Rajesh comedy is just ok. Murali Sharma, Vennela Kishore, Freddy Daruwala are acceptable. Suhasini got a brief, meaty character.

Touch Chesi Choodu Review Advantages:


Couple of Heroism Based Action Blocks

Touch Chesi Choodu Review Drawbacks:




First Half



Touch Chesi Choodu Review Rating Analysis:

Dealing a story set in flashback masked Mafia backdrop and then shifting to present with an emotional family drama, love track and fun there of till interval is an age old mould on which Raviteja has been working from decades. TCC is nothing new and followed the same ritual with regular script and awful direction. Despite Ravi tried to keep the impaired narrative together pivoted on his mere presence, he could not do it for long.

From the very first shot of introducing us to smuggling and mafia in background, a sense of déjà vu is clearly felt on Murali Sharma during the titles. Entry of Raviteja and journeying into his family made story to move nowhere. In the centre of null emotions, Rashi Khanna also makes an entry for a boring, bland love track pulled beyond the limit. Only before pre interval when Raviteja’s sister becomes a prime witness in murder case, a bit of acceleration to proceedings is found leading to a very weak interval block.

Second half, there is nothing beyond a regular cinemagoer’s assumption. Raviteja’s flashback of conflict with old city politician Rauf Lala and his brother Irfan Lala is dealt engagingly to an extent. In between Seerat Kapoor’s love track and imbalance in Raviteja’s personal-professional life is one more tedious part. By the time flashback finishes off, Vikram did not disappoint because he choose an abrupt and stupid way for climax to close the film.

In total, Touch Chesi Choodu is a very weak product from Raviteja, Vikram and team. After a highly successful Raja The Great, this film exposes Raviteja’s weakness in picking right scripts. Wondering on what made Raviteja to accept this damp squib, CJ goes for 2.25 stars and waits for Box Office to speak the rest.



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