Top Gun Maverick Review

Top Gun Maverick Review
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Director: Joseph Kosinski
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer, Tom Cruise, Christopher McQuarr
Release Date: Fri 27th May 2022
Actors: Tom Cruise
Top Gun: Maverick Rating: 3 / 5
Top Gun: Maverick Punchline: Tom Cruise takes off to new heights

What's Behind

Hollywood Star Tom Cruise is extremely popular across the world. He has an immense fan following among all sections of movie lovers and his handsome and charming looks give sleepless nights to females. He scored many blockbusters in his careers like Mission Impossible series and the action film TopGun happened to be his evergreen classic. The sequel is releasing on May 27, 2022, and already the trailers and teasers thrilled movie lovers. Let us find out what Tom Cruise offered as Maverick with TopGun.

Story Review

US Navy's top aviator Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) code-named Maverick still remains Captain due to his rebellious ways while his colleagues become his superiors. He has been dodged an advancement in rank to continue flying after 36 years of service. Due to his adamant attitude, he finds himself in trouble when his superiors send him, not to fly the fighter aircraft but to train the elite young Top Gun pilots. However, he is in for a shock in form of a young pilot called Rooster (Miles Teller). To find out more about it and whether Maverick is able to fly the fighter jets again and how other pilots react, watch Top Gun Maverick on the screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Joseph Kosinski started the narration from where he left in the ever-green classic Top Gun. He started off the narration in an interesting manner and as the story unfolds, movie lovers will be gripped with the emotions highlighted between Maverick and Rooster and also the way Maverick has been dealt with by his superiors and how Maverick's team reacts, and the way Maverick wriggles out of the challenges. Though at times, the detailing of the mission goes over and above the minds of the layman, it increased curiosity among the viewers. The slow pace impacted the film's narration but this can be ignored considering the way filmmaking across the world has transformed.  

Every time, the TopGun theme song is played, viewers get connected to the evergreen blockbuster. The screenwriters blended the action with emotions in a beautiful manner. While the action and stunt choreography is terrific, emotions are extremely effective and so the sequel turned out to be on par with the classic. However compared to the original soundtrack which has many memorable ones like Oscar Winner Take my Breath away, Playing with the boys, and Danger Zone, this one has none. Director and the story writers emerged successful in embedding emotions and extreme action to the optimum with the story, screenplay, and direction. If one ignores a few illogical scenes, one can enjoy Top Gun Maverick to the core.

Tom Cruise stole the show with his macho looks and electrifying performance. He flaunted his well-toned physique and surprised all with his ever-charming handsome looks. Tom Cruise is on cruise mode when it came to dialogues and showing off their attitude. He showed the right kind of emotions and expressions while dealing with his superiors, peers, and trainees. His personal life is also shown in an effective manner. Jennifer Connelly, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman, Ed Harris, Val Kilmer, and others elevated the scenes with their power-packed and spirited performances.

The music thrilled viewers while the background music elevated the scenes to another level. The cinematography of Claudio Miranda is top class and gave a rich feel to the visuals with good VFX effects. The editing of Eddie Hamilton is sleek and turned the screenplay and narration racy. Production values are grand.


Tom Cruise

Action Sequences





Slow Pace at times

Few Illogical Scenes

Rating Analysis

Movie lovers who are aware of Top Gun will thoroughly enjoy Top Gun Maverick. Even if they haven't watched it, people can connect with the intense action and fast-paced developments. Tom Cruise carried the film on his shoulders ably supported by the other cast and crew. The superior story, screenplay, and direction enabled Tom Cruise to power Top Gun Maverick to new heights. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with a 3.0 rating for Top Gun Maverick.

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