Top Gear Review

Top Gear Review
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Director: K.Sashikanth
Producer: K.V.Sridhar Reddy
Release Date: Fri 30th Dec 2022
Actors: Aadi Sai Kumar, Riya Suman, Mime Gopi, Shatru, Brahmaji and others
Top Gear Movie Rating: 2 / 5
Punchline: Top Gear - Weak Drive

Top Gear Telugu Movie : What's Behind

Aadi Saikumar who is reeling under the string of flops is testing his luck for the last time in 2022. His film Top Gear directed by Sashikanth hit the screens on 30 December 2022. Top Gear movie OTT streaming and partner will be announced in the coming days. Let us find out whether Aadi went on Top Gear with Top Gear.

Top Gear Movie : Story Review

Top Gear's story is all about the happenings in the life of a Cab driver and how his life changes regarding a missing bag. Cab driver Arjun (Aadi Saikumar) leads a happy life after getting married to a beautiful girl Aadya (Riya Suman). However, his happy life turns upside down, and the reason behind it is the connection to the drug lord Siddharth (Mime Gopi) and cops chasing them from the rest of the developments.

Top Gear Movie : Artists Review

Aadi Saikumar slipped into the role of the cab driver effortlessly. He shows the tension in his eyes and comes with a serious expression. Riya Suman got limited scope to perform and she is fine in her role. Shatru as the cop is fine while Brahmaji and Satyam Rajesh made their presence felt in the cameos. Mime Gopi performed the antagonist role with ease as he had done such roles earlier. Others performed their roles according to the plot.

Top Gear Movie : Technicians Review

Top Gear story readied by Sashikanth is a thriller and he tried to excite movie lovers by showing Aadi in a different genre. Sashikanth's idea is right and he started the narration in an earnest manner. However, the story turned out to be routine and this impacted the screenplay. To some extent, the first half ends on a decent note but the second half drags with no real twists and turns, and the director after losing the plot quickly ends the film with a weak climax.

Harshavardhan Rameshwar's music is ok. The background score is decent but he could have created a more thumping impact. The cinematography of Sai Sriram is good and according to the mood of the story and he showed the night scenes quite well. Prawin Pudi in editing left a few drags that impacted the tempo. Dhanalakshmi Productions maintained good values to turn the film good watch.

Top Gear Movie : Advantages

  • Aadi Sai Kumar
  • Initial Scenes
  • Cinematography

Top Gear Movie : Disadvantages

  • Illogical Scenes
  • Routine Elements
  • Lack of Twists
  • Weak Climax

Top Gear Movie : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Sashikanth tried to power Aadi Saikumar into Top Gear with the crime thriller Top Gear. But all his efforts went in vain as, after the interesting start, Sashikanth lost the plot and turned the story into extremely routine and weak. He failed to narrate the story in a gripping and interesting manner with twists and turns. Repetitive scenes and routine drama, lack of real emotions prevented the film from going into top gear. On a whole Top Gear doesn't even shift to the first gear. Considering these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 2 Rating for Top Gear.

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