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Toofan Review
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Behind The Movie Toofan: Being a Mega Power of South, when Ramcharan is entering into Bollywood, interest of our Telugu audience went high about ‘Zanjeer’ and its Telugu version of ‘Toofan’ directed by Apoorva Lakhia. With Priyanka Chopra as heroine, let us see how far this remake matched the standards of original.

In the Movie Toofan: Story begins with honest, aggressive and combative ACP Vijay Khanna (Ramcharan) transferred from Hyderabad to Mumbai for ill treating a politician in Andhra Pradesh. In Mumbai, Vijay Khanna comes across the murder case of a Deputy Collector in the hands of 1000 Crore Oil Mafia headed by Rudra Pratap Teja (Prakash Raj). The only eye witness in the murder case happens to be NRI Mala (Priyanka Chopra). To solve the case, Vijay Khanna takes help of local automobile dealer Sher Khan (Sreehari) and sincere crime journalist Jaidev (Tanikella Bharani). However, there is a haunting flashback for Vijay Khanna whose parents are brutally killed during his childhood days by the same Rudra Pratap Teja. How Vijay Khanna completed his professional duty and personal revenge in eliminating the oil mafia and wiping off Teja is the rest.

Values & Out of the Movie Toofan: The only positive rating for this film would be the double meaning and erotic comedy between Prakashraj, Mahie Gill as Mona Darling and the performance of Ramcharan as Angry Young Man. Remaining everything is completely a trash. The only reason why old ‘Zanjeer’ was iconic is because of Amitabh’s presence and the master writing skills of Salim-Javed. Picking the remake as debut film is by itself a risk accepted by Charan. Unfortunately, director Apoorva Lakhia hasn’t taken any minimum responsibility of even trying to match the standards of old film.  

To be more particular, writing of Vema Reddy was bad and perplexing. Same applies to the screenplay assisted by Yogesh of ‘Chintakayala Ravi’ fame. For Telugu audience who have accustomed to a particular format of storytelling does not even mingle with this sort of screenplay. One of the worst/badly executed episodes as a part of this callous screenplay happens to be the fight between Sreehari and Ramcharan. Alone Apoova knows, how he is justified with such stupid output. Gururaj R Jois cinematography is quite average in standards while Chintu Singh’s editing was pretty ordinary. Coming to the music of Meet Bros, Anjan and Chirantan Bhatt, two to three songs are catchy, well composed and well picturized while background score of Gaurang Soni is deplorable. 

On the performance front, Ramcharan limited himself to a single point face expression in order to live in the character. Thanks to at least one song of ‘Mumbai Ke Hero’ where in Fans can rejoice else there is no dances, no mind blowing fights. Priyanka Chopra is bubbly and beautiful restricted to stinky characterization. Prakashraj was regular into basics adding the touch of humor to his villainy while Mahie Gill is age-hot cutting adult-fun dialogues with the villain. Tanikella Bharani was an utter waste and the same is for the two of the sub-ordinate police officers working under Vijay Khanna. OMG, Sreehari got just two pages of dialogues as he pulls and pulls them for two hours. 

Lame screenplay, soul less cum purposeless narration, worst direction, lazy execution, insensitive performances, bad taste of music etc…etc…etc have jointly offered ‘Toofan’ as an agonizing movie watching experience. Only one dialogue, I laughed out loud is from Prakashraj: ‘Mona Darling…Nuvvu Aa Okka Paniki Maatrame Noru Theruvu.’

No excuses, putting it straight and slapping…Toofan is a disastrous washout film which Ramcharan shouldn’t have selected. I think, the same would be applied to Bollywood version ‘Zanjeer’ because Apoorva Lakhia hasn’t spared even one scene in the movie from his disgusting treatment. If Mega Fans have any questions, just blame it on Apoorva and the dead confidence why Charan has shown on this director?

Cinejosh Verdict of Toofan: Tollywood Chirutha Becomes Bollywood Meeeooowww.

Cinejosh Rating: 2/5

                                            Reviewed by Srivaas

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