Thimmarasu Movie Review

Thimmarasu Movie Review
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Director: Saran Koppisetty
Producer: Mahesh S Koneru, Srijan Yarabolu
Release Date: Fri 30th Jul 2021
Actors: Satyadev Kancharana
Thimmarasu Rating: 2.5/ / 5
Thimmarasu Punchline: Thimmarasu: Assignment Vali-Logics Khaali

What's Behind

Satyadev Kancharana, Priyanka Jhawalkar's Thimmarasu directed by Sharan Koppisetty is releasing in theatres in a grand manner on July 30th daring the coronavirus after the second wave. The film's first look, poster, trailer, and teaser created interest among movie lovers. The film is a remake of Kannada hit Birbal Trilogy Case1-Finding Varjamuni which itself is a remake of Korean hit New Trial.  Let us find out what impact Thimmarasu made on movie lovers.

Story Review

Budding Lawyer Ramachandra (Satyadev) unable to get worthy cases decides to apply for a top law firm Rao Associates where his girlfriend Anu (Priyanka Jhawalkar) works. Ramachandra gets hired after a tough selection process as Rao Associates decides to start free law services to help the poor.

He was assigned the case of a youngster Vasu, a worker at a pub who served 7 years sentence after his mother writes a letter to the firm seeking legal help. Vasu claims innocence and alleges that he was framed for the murder of a cab driver Aravind (Chaitanya). Even as Satyadev tries to get the case reopened with the aide of Sudhakar (Brahmaji), he faces hurdles in various forms.

To find out how the mystery unravels and how advocate Varahamurthy (Ravi Babu) and DCP  Bhupati Raju (Ajay) are connected, enjoy Thimmarasu on the silver screen.

Artists, Technicians Review

Director Sharan Koppisetty is able to replicate the Kannada film's feel to Telugu nativity in a perfect manner. Though the first half started in a slow manner and at times tested the patience of the viewers, as the story progressed he managed to create interest among movie lovers by unraveling the twists. For all the hard work, Sharan Koppisetty however left many loopholes in the story. Sharan Koppisetty started the narration in an interesting manner but quickly loses steam with slow narration. Ved Vyas' dialogues are good but at times went overboard. He should have worked on the screenplay which turned out to be the weak link.

Satyadev slipped into the role effortlessly. He made an impact with his looks and performance. Satyadev pulled up the scenes with his performance and tried to carry the film on his shoulders. Priyanka Jhawalkar got a limited screen presence. She played the support role to Satyadev quite well. However, she looked off-color and pale in comparison to her earlier films. Brahmaji impressed all with his comedy timing and hilarious antics in this serious entertainer bringing relief to movie lovers. This however at times impacted the pace of the film. Ajay got a limited role and performed his role with ease. Others like Chaitanya Rao of 30 Weds 21 fame, Jhansi, Praveen, Harsha, Balarksihnan did their roles accordingly.

The cinematography of Appu Prabhakar is good. It is in sync with the storyline. The background score of Sricharan Pakala is fine but at times turned out to be loud. Editing of Tammina Bikkiraju is ok but could have been better. Production values are just ok.


Satyadev's performance

Brahmaji's comedy



Few Twists


Slow Pace

Missing wow factor



Missing logics

Rating Analysis

Satyadev's Thimmarasu generated immense interest with the trailer which made people throng theatres. Sharan Koppisetty who captured the imagination of all with the trailer, however, failed to live up to all the hype on the big screen. He starts the narration in an interesting manner but as the narration progressed, missed many logics and it was left only Satyadev to pull him out of the trouble. The story and screenplay at times looked silly with Satyadev gets all ideas like a tube light making the entire investigation a mockery. The most childish one is Satyadev the so-called intelligent lawyer who is unable to catch the point that people move out to get signals to call someone and he gets overawed and remains awestruck when he finds someone moves away to a place to get signals for his mobile. There are many such scenes and also the romantic angle between Satyadev and Pooja Jhawalkar looked forced. Climax also for all the hype looked clumsy with the so-called clever villain walking into the trap so easily rather than sending one of his assistants to get the video. Considering all these aspects, CJ goes with 2.5 rating for Thimmarasu.


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