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Thikka Review
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Thikka Review, What’s Behind: Supreme Star Sai Dharam Tej’s new outing with flop director Suneel Reddy raised a bit of curiosity which made ‘Thikka’ to grab the attention from last few weeks. Though, the promotional teaser was little confusing matching with mood in title, let us see how far this worked?

Thikka Story: Adithya (Sai Dharam Tej) is the only son of rich business personality Manohar (Rajendra Prasad). Both father and son are playboys who drink, date and enjoy their lives with girls around. Adithya falls in love with Anjali (Larisa Bonesi) and wins her. However, Anjali distances Adithya from friends, partying and even joins Manohar in a rehabilitation centre. Exactly at the brink of their breakup, strange incidents lock Adithya, his friend Steve (Sathya) and Manchi Donga (Sapthagiri) along with Manohar, his new love Kamala, eunuch Padmaja in a strange situation conflicting with the interests of gangster Sadhu (Ajay), Tamil pimp (Raghu Babu), Anjali’s father (Anand) and Police Officer (Posani). Amidst whole lot of confusion drama and comedy (producer, director might have thought so), the story is further stirred by entry of Mannara Chopra, Ali and Mumaith Khan. How love triumphs is the rest.

Spoiler Alert: For all those audience who have respect for Telugu cinema, you may please stop reading this review at any point of time. 

Thikka Artists and Technicians: Having acknowledged the real shade of director Suneel Reddy in Om 3D, it would be a sinner for us to expect quality content in his new film. Thank god, he did not go beyond any of our expectations. In turn, he further sunk to degradingly lowest and cheapest standard with ‘Thikka’ with abysmal story, abhorrent screenplay, shameful artist selection and heinous direction. Suneel Reddy’s every skill directly ruptured producer Rohin Kumar Reddy’s pocket puncturing the film in every frame and every second. ‘Thikka’ is stylishly urban and written with contemporary youth flavor wherein romance, breakup, dumping, boozing…all the ingredients but none worked in its favor under deplorable direction. If confusion comedy is the ultimate goal, writer Dawood (Venkatdri Express fame) failed miserably in helping Suneel Reddy. Only one genuine factor in Suneel Reddy which helped the output is his expertise at cranking the camera and cinematographer KV Guhan does a good job. Most of the night shots in Malaysia, Hyderabad and slow-motion visuals throughout the narrative were handled carefully. Karthik Srinivas editing is a complete mess. Never audiences were made to involve into story or abnormal entry of characters playing louder havoc. In totality, ‘Thikka’ is a foolish and final attempt where Suneel Reddy collapsed on every step. SS Thaman musical compositions were bearable to large extent. Songs canned in exotic locations of Ladakh and other areas were pleasant. Ground breaking production standards from Rohin Kumar Reddy are drained directly into Musi.

About artists, Sai Dharam Tej atrociously selected this project which pulls his career many steps down. Every trait in his character design is vague and ugly. Entire movie, he is in a hangover. His chemistry with lover Larisa or emotional sentiments with Rajendra Prasad or friendship values with Sathya, Sapthagiri is a complete dud. Nevertheless, Sai’s costume selection was also nasty and grave. Classic example on how producer’s money can be wasted so easily. Larisa Bonesi is overwhelmingly a trash and not at all a heroine material. Mannara Chopra, god save us from her. Female artists who have done Kamala, Padmaja are excruciating. Sathya, Sapthagiri… were they comedians? Rajendra Prasad, please save your respect sir. Posani, Anand, Ajay, Fish Venkat, Raghu Babu, Jackie… everyone has done their best in this assassination bid sketched in theaters. 

Thikka Rating Analysis: Plenty of talents queued in Film Nagar area suffering with scarcity of chances will be downhearted to see how a director can waste Crores of currency in dealing a crap. Only person to win sympathizers with ‘Thikka’ is producer C Rohin Kumar Reddy and many of these Film Nagar strugglers would be envious at Suneel Reddy. It’s great to find substantial evidence that void ideas and invalid scripts also find their way into theaters when there are producers like Rohin Kumar Reddy for whom production seems to be less of passion. 

After starting the film on a serious note, each character goes crazy, freakish and wayward with no purpose. Scenes roll one by one agonizing the viewers terribly affecting their mental state. Without a main soul or primary conflict; how director thought of engaging us for lengthy 150 minutes of journey in hell? When situations aren’t created for fun to frolic, every move the director makes there on looks forcible and un-potential. Despite many artists take their way onto the screen in first half, its’ only meant for pain bombardment. 

Are Telugu audiences so broad minded to accept a father romancing girl friend in car backseat when his son is in front driver’s seat? Motor vehicles thrash each other at jet speed and bounce high into skies for every five to ten minutes bolting the nails into our brains. Blasting the petrol bunk gives a respite to take a break for interval.

With negative vibes surrounded, second half goes afar our presumptions. Director’s mathematical knowledge of one-to-many function wastes nearly crucial 35 minutes imparting infinite boredom. The sketch here is popular template of communication and confusion which is dealt exhaustively. Pre climax and climax were further degenerating to throw us out from exit doors running for rescue.

‘Thikka’ is safely an avoidable film and a wrong choice from Sai Dharam Tej. Except producer’s money rained in every frame and each scene, everything about film is regrettable and sure shot humiliation for patrons. When this sort of movies arrive rarely charring the industry’s excellence on comparative evaluations, we only pray god to save TFI. As it got harder for me to trace couple of positives in whole film, Cinejosh finds it hardest time to give lowest rating of 1 star meant for consoling and commiserating the producer’s investment. 

Thikka Cinejosh Verdict: Audience Grilled Like Chicken Tikka!

                                                     Thikka Cinejosh Rating: 1.0/5.0

                                                                                              Reviewed by Srivaas

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