Thegimpu Review

Thegimpu Review
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Director: H.Vinoth
Producer: Boney Kapoor
Release Date: Wed 11th Jan 2023
Actors: Ajith Kumar, Manju Warrier, Samuthirakani, Ajay and Others
Thegimpu Movie Rating: 1.5 / 5
Punchline: Thegimpu - At Your Own Risk

Thegimpu Movie : What's Behind

Thala Ajith is known for his intense action thrillers. He is starting the New Year, by offering a thrilling treat to all his fans during Pongal with his film Thunivu/Thegimpu which is releasing on 11 January 2023. The film is directed by H.Vinoth. The film's OTT rights have been bagged for a whopping sum by Netflix and OTT streaming will be done after it completes its theatrical run. Let us see how Ajith thrilled movie lovers with Thegimpu.

Thegimpu Movie : Story Review

Thegimpu story is about a bank heist and the developments that follow in its aftermath and the reason behind it. People and cops get a shock when robbers attack Your Bank and hold everyone as hostages. As ACP Rama Chandra (Ajay), and Commissioner Daya (Samuthirakhani) try to handle the situation, more starling incidents happen. To know the reasons behind the hostage drama, why robbers targeted Your Bank, its connection with Dark Devil (Ajith Kumar), Ramani (Manju Warrier), and others, watch Thegimpu on screen.

Thegimpu Movie : Artists Review

Ajith is known for his dedication and hard work. In the last few films, Ajith sported a salt-and-pepper look and he continued with the same in this film. He looked stylish in this look and delights all his fans with his swag and mannerisms. His dialogue delivery is good and he surprises in the negative role. Only during the climax or during the second half, his real intentions are revealed. For all his hard work, his role and characterization lacked the desired depth and failed to connect chords with the viewers. Everything looks artificial though he tries to liven the atmosphere with his performance showing variations coming up with seriousness, humor and emotions, and heroism. He thrilled all his fans by enacting breathtaking stunts with ease.

Manju Warrier played the female lead. She supported Ajith well. She got limited scope to show her acting talent. She indulged in action sequences to surprise all. Ajay performed well in the role of ACP. Samuthirakhani made his presence felt in the role tailor-made for him. Others performed according to their roles and most of them are unknown to Telugu movie lovers.

Thegimpu Movie : Technical Review

Thegimpu story selected by H.Vinoth is all about a bank heist. He tried to come up with interesting twists and turns to thrill viewers showing Ajith in a negative role in the backdrop of a bank heist. Though the idea is right and few dialogues are good showing passion and intent, Vinoth failed on all other fronts. There are no real elements that give a kick even to Ajith's fans. Everything looks routine and even Ajith's look and roles give them the impression that he is becoming too predictable.

None of the scenes elevated Ajith's heroism though the entire film is loaded with intense action elements. Despite such daring action sequences, the climax and other stunt sequences at times resembled cartoon games. the first half goes on a predictable note with Vinoth trying to add a few hilarious scenes. Many expected a better second half. Vinoth in order to turn the screenplay racy included more action sequences. But with action sequences lacking sense, the screenplay went for a toss. Finally, for the relief of all, the film ends with a routine climax.

Ghibran's music for Thegimpu is forgettable as there are very few songs and they acted as speed breakers. In fact, they slowed the pace of the film. His background music is just ok though it is loud. He could have done more to elevate the scenes. The cinematography of Nirav Shah is in sync with the storyline. But at times, everything looked cartoonish and childish as per the visuals. Vijay Velukutty's editing left a lot to be desired. There are many scenes that impacted the film's narration. Production values are good.

Thegimpu Movie : Advantages

  • Ajith
  • Premise

Thegimpu Movie : Disadvantages

  • Story, Screenplay, Direction
  • Illogical Scenes
  • Missing Emotions

Thegimpu Movie : Rating Analysis

Altogether, Thegimpu turned out to be a roller coaster and mostly hit the downside when Ajith flew high taking on the baddies in the breathtaking stunts. Except for a few impactful dialogues, Vinoth failed with his story, screenplay, and direction. This is third time collaboration of Ajith and Director Vinoth. Director Vinoth tried to show Ajith differently but he ended up showing him in the silliest avatar. In trying to balance the good message he intended and Ajith's heroism, he lost on both fronts. He tried to dwell in-depth into the banking frauds but in the process became confused so much that he forgot even his strong points. Considering all these elements, Cinejosh goes with a 1.5 rating for Thegimpu.

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